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How to open a McDonald’s franchise in India?

The food industry may never undergo a recession since hungry and food loving people will always exist. Fast food restaurants are popular only because food is a basic need and there’s no time to cook something interesting at our homes. Burgers, Pizzas, smoothies and shakes are fascinating treats everybody craves for. Mc Donalds is one such retail outlet serving delicious burgers for the last 15 years. The number of stores across the globe is 35000. Mc Donalds is serving burgers to around 70 million people living in a hundred countries.

Reasons to own a McDonalds franchise

  1. Branding and marketing are done by the company and your role is limited to selling.
  2. The company standards of quality food are known by buyers which makes it easy to attract customers.
  3. Ready to serve food that minimizes waste and loss.
  4. Surety of Profitability.

Investment Required to open a McDonald’s franchise

Store Type Amount Period
Traditional Store $45000 20 yrs
Satellite Location $22,500 Variable
Small Town Oil location $1,72,475 – $ 6,27,050
STR location $ 837,750 to $1.2 million.


Other Costs involved

Royalty fee 4% per month


Breakeven Point

It would take two to three years for your store to reach a no profit no loss point. Thereafter, you can enjoy good returns of your thoughtful investment.

Steps to owning a McDonalds Franchise

  1. Check the official website of McDonalds and show your interest.
  2. You can fill the form online at www.mcdonalds.com/us/en-us/about-us/franchising/franchising-form.html
  3. The detailed form is intended to inquire about your eligibility to own a franchise.
  4. After you furnish them with all the details, the regional officers will approach you.
  5. Thereafter, face-to-face meetings will be organized until the final agreement is signed.
  6. This will follow a training session and establishing of the unit. Revenue management and other aspects of running the store will be taught to you.
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