How to get duplicate Aadhar Card online? Documents required & Application procedure

Aadhar card is the only card that we have with Bio-metrics essentially. The unique number gives you a unique identity that can never be changed. The print your fingers, your eye’s retina and other security measures make this card an unbreakable identity proof. Since the card is available online since the very beginning and security measures are decent, you get most of the things done easily - like a change of address, updating the phone number etc. But what should you do if you lose this identity proof of yours?

Procedure to get a duplicate Aadhar Card

  1. As a matter of fact, police must know that your id proof is missing, no matter what.
  2. Since you can get an e-copy anytime, it is not a big problem to not have a hard copy for some time, but you must apply for a fresh one.
  3. For this, you either have to visit one of the centres where Aadhar cards are made or do it yourself online.
  4. You need your registered mobile number or email id with you for this. As the OTP has no easy alternative.
  5. On the UIDAI website, select the Aadhar Online section.
  6. Chose the option - Retrieve lost UID/EID
  7. Fill in the details and after you submit, OTP will need to be entered.
  8. Once you confirm, your request will be accepted.
  9. You may receive a new Aadhar card within a couple of weeks.


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