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How to file an online Police Complaint – Lost & Found

Delhi Police is the Law Enforcement agency that is in effect in National Capital Territory of Delhi. The agency was formed back in year 1861 as municipal police and renamed as Delhi Police on 16 February 1948. Current headquarters of Delhi Police is located in Indraprastha Estate, New Delhi. Delhi police currently have around 187 stations and also operates one helicopter for various purposes.

As of now, Delhi Police provides a variety of online services that include complaint lodging, vehicle theft FIR, theft FIR, cyber offences, Lost & Found, stolen vehicle report, unclaimed/seized vehicle report, view FIR copy, missing & stolen mobiles info., police clearance certification, character verification report, tenant registration, NOC, missing person report, missing children report, unidentified dead body/child/person report, arrested persons, RTi, and much more.

Here in this article, we will be telling you more about the Lost & Found complaint lodging. We have also provided a guide through which you can file an FIR for the same. It is a very simple process and can be attempted from both mobile devices as well as computers with relative ease. All the steps are provided with relevant screenshots for your proper understanding.

Please do not that notifying the police about false information is a punishable offence. One should not waste the precious time of police by indulging them in search of your false information.

Steps to file Lost & Found FIR Online – Delhi Police

  1. Open the official website of Delhi police i.e. www.delhipolice.nic.in. 
  2. Once on their start page, click on the big green citizen services button present in the centre of screen.delhi police lost & found
  3. Your screen will now display all the available citizen services. Go ahead and click on Lost & Found column.delhi police lost & found
  4. A new page will open which will have a lot of columns in it. You have to fill in the details of things that you would like to report lost or found in their appropriate spaces. Details required by the police are complainant’s name, father/mother name, email address, phone number, email ID, place of loss, date of loss, time of loss (if you know), list of documents lost with their description, and finally a small description narrating the incident.delhi police lost & found
  5. Now proceed to the bottom of page and enter the code as shown in captcha and click on submit button.delhi police lost & found
  6. A download button will appear on the screen after you have submitted your information. Click on it to download a copy of your FIR. In case you don’t get a download button, a digitally signed LOST REPORT will also be automatically sent back to your email address and phone number provided above. In case you do not receive anything from them, dial 011-23237006 to check your report.

Always keep the Lost Report with you as it can be used to check for the status of your complaint on the go. Please note that foreigners can also lodge complaints using this module. One does not need to submit a hard copy of this report at any of the police stations as they are automatically notified about your complaint.

You can use the Lost Report that you have received from the Delhi Police to get your documents to be made again by the respective authorities/companies. The report is valid all over India and can not be denied at any place.

Please note that you can not use this module in case a crime is happening or a dead body/fingerprints are found at a crime scene. For help in that matter, please contact on 100 to contact ER team your nearest police station.

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