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How To Covert Reward Points Into Air India SBI Card Air Miles?

Q1. What is the process of conversion of Reward Points into Air India Air Miles?

Ans. To convert Reward Points on Air India SBI Card to Air India Air Miles, please call SBI Card helpline 1860 180 1290 or 39020202 (prefix local STD Code). Please note: The cardholder requires a minimum of 10,000 Reward Points to convert to Air Miles, for an Air India SBI Signature Card and 5,000 Reward Points in case of an Air India Platinum Card. Air Mile Redemption has to be in multiples of 5,000 and will be converted within 7 working days
from the date of receiving the request.

Q2. What are the reasons for rejection of the Reward Points to Air India Air Miles conversion request?

Ans. Your request for conversion of reward points to Air India Air Miles will be rejected in the following cases:
a. In the above reject scenarios, the reward points debited from your Air India SBI card account will be credited back. First Flight Activity with Air India is pending – Your membership status is “Prospect” till you complete first flight activity with Air India after enrollment with the Frequent Flyer Program(FFP). On completion of first flight activity with Air India, the status changes to “Primary Active”. Conversion of Reward Points to Air Miles is allowed by Air India only after cardholder’s first flight activity along with his/her completion of enrollment with FFP.
b. FFP membership Not Enrolled – The redemption request will be rejected in cases where the FFP membership is not yet enrolled.
FFP membership used by Member and the FFP membership embossed on Air India
c. SBI Card plastic is different – In cases where the FFP membership as mentioned below your Name on the physical Air India SBI Card is different from the membership you are using, please contact SBI Card helpline to link your existing FFP membership number with the card.

Q3. Can the Reward Points once converted into Air India Air miles be reversed back to Reward Points?

Ans. Reward Points once converted into Air India Air Miles cannot be reversed back.

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