How to Activate OK Google

Life is literally all about working smarter than working harder and Google has already taken a step ahead to provide its users easy, simple, hassle-free services. Be it providing solutions to almost all the problems and answers to all your questions to searching for everything by just using keywords or basic phrases. Google has made learning, understanding, creating, sharing so much easy and for everyone to access in all the languages. One such google feature is 'OK Google' with which you can give commands, ask for answers and google searches, and even get answers to the silliest questions from your google assistant. You can simply tap on the mike button on the side of your google widget or press your home button to activate it and give commands to your assistant like; 'OK Google call my sister' or 'OK google set one reminder for me' and all the rest. If you are looking to find out how to activate 'OK Google' on your mobile or tab, follow the steps given below.

How to Turn on "OK Google"

How to Activate OK Google Go to google on your android or tab and click on more  Activate OK Google Settings Click on Settings Activate OK Google Voice Settings Click on Voice Activate OK Google Voice Match Then click on Voice Match  Access your assistant with OK Google voice At this step, you will be asked to speak 'OK Google' thrice and Click Next  How to Activate OK Google Agree Click I Agree Your voice is added and OK Google is activated Click on Continue It is done, to test long-press on your home button and this window will pop up. Browse - How to Delete Activity from Google App You can give any command you wish and swipe up to see more updates and options. You can also set and speak in the language of your choice. OK Google Speak/Search Your OK Google screen will appear like this. Start giving commands, asking questions, talk and enjoy your OK Google assistant. Hope you like this article, if you do, share and let us know what else do you want information about.


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