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How much is the salary of Prime Minister of India ?

Mr. Narendra Modi is our current PM. A Prime Minister of India is the head of all ministries of the country. Usually, we believe that he might be earning more than enough as salary. But we forget that he is just another servant of the nation and working as per Government norms.

If you are also among those who are confused over the salary of Prime Minister of India, than you might be getting the answer on this page.

Since, any official website is not sharing data of all the money which a PM of India earns during his / her tenure. But according to an RTI it has been released that at the time of Mr. Manmohan Singh (ex-Prime Minister of India) the salary of the post of PM was as follows :-

  • Basic Pay – Rs. 50,000
  • Sumptuary Allowance – Rs. 3000
  • Daily Allowance – Rs. 62,000 @ 2000 per day
  • Constituency Allowance – Rs. 45,000

Total Monthly SalaryRs. 1,60,000

Yes, you got it right. This is the official salary amount (as per year 2013). You might be thinking that it is less than the salary of many of normal people.

Prime Ministers House 7, Lok Kalyan Marg / Panchvati (formerly known as 7, Race Course Road)

But it’s not all which a PM gets when he is serving our nation. There are several benefits too which he enjoy during its tenure, such as :

  • Official residence at 7, Lok Kalyan Marg/Panchavati (earlier Race Course Road) in New Delhi
  • Personal staff
  • Special armoured limousines
  • SPG security
  • Private jets
  • Other vehicle and convoys etc.

All these perks are excluding the salary amount of the PM. Apart from all this, if you have become a Prime Minister once in your life. You get a good amount of pension till you last breath.

So, what you are thinking about fighting elections next time ? Just kidding.

Note: The data has been researched and picked up from various internet resources. 

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