How much does a Pilot in AIR India Earn?

Being a Pilot is one of the most lucrative careers in the world. You not only can fly high in the sky but get paid to visit different places on the planet. Though the responsibility of a pilot is also immense, and it takes a lot of effort to become a pilot, there’s a reason big enough to work that hard. The roles and responsibilities for different pilots are different as there as commercial pilots, air force pilots, as well as private jet pilots. Again, it would depend on the level of expertise, medical grounds, license type etc. You do not become a pilot in one go, you have to prepare for years to become a co-pilot before you finally get the designation of a pilot. But the efforts are equally rewarded. Air India offers a lot of other perks to its pilots and staff other than the basic salary such as Dearness Allowance, House Rent Allowance, Medical Allowance, etc. The salary of a pilot in Air India can range from Rs 5,18,538 to Rs 4,558,086 per annum. A notion of ‘fly more, earn more’ applies to this job and so is the difference in the figure. Also, the bonus amount varies from Rs 21.64 to Rs 197,265. The table given below gives a fair idea of what salary package a pilot receives on an average.

Salary structure of AIR India Pilots based on experience.

Experience Average Annual Salaries
Less than a year INR 16.5 lakh
1-4 years INR 3 lakh
5-9 years INR 8.25 lakh
10-19 years INR 9 lakh
More than 20 years INR 12 lakh
  Salary Structure of AIR India Pilots based on job location.
Cities Average Annual Salaries
Mumbai INR 8 Lakh
New Delhi INR 6 Lakh
Bangalore INR 8.25 Lakh
Kolkata INR 2.5 Lakh
Chennai INR 5 Lakh
The size of the plane that you fly also affects the size of salary you get and thus you can’t say what is the standard pay scale for pilots. Its a variable figure, though the variation is justified.


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