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Here’s what you have to do if you lost your vehicle’s RC

If you own and drive a vehicle, you must be knowing how important an RC is to deal with the traffic police and to prove your ownership of the vehicle. Not only it proves that the vehicle you are running belongs to you, but in case of a theft, pollution check, vehicle insurance etc. it comes really handy. RTO authorities issued a RC earlier in the form of a paper, but nowadays, smart cards have replaced them. Whatever be the style, the purpose is the same. But what should you do if your RC is missing?

Your RC contains the following information

  1. Registration date
  2. Registration number
  3. Chassis number
  4. Engine number
  5. Vehicle type
  6. Color of the vehicle
  7. Model number
  8. Seating capacity

As soon as you realize that your RC is missing, you must apply for a duplicate one, else you might get a challan. The process for doing that is not very simple. But you have to do it anyways.

You must not forget the FIR thing as the police will issue a challan for loss of RC that will come to your aid. From the official website of RTO, you can download form 26.

You may need to arrange for the signature of the financier if you purchased the vehicle through loan. For this you will have the form copied and signatured. NOC, No objection certificate will also be required from the bank in such a case. The authority who endorsed the vehicle will also need to give a signed copy. This makes three copies. Along with these, you need to present the insurance papers, your passport sized photographs, driving license, emission papers, to the registering authority (Superintendent). Then you can pay the fee and get your smart card/RC receipt.

Additional requirements for a duplicate RC

  • An affidavit made on a Stamp Paper worth Rs. 20, stating your details.
  • A visit to the ARTO for document verification
  • Road tax receipts (in some states)
  • Collecting the acknowledgement receipt from the Superintendent.

Once you get the reciept, you have to wait as the duplicate RC will be dispached to your residential address.

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