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Here’s how you can get a new passport? Documents required & Procedure

A passport is a very important document for anyone, not just it allows you to prove your identity while travelling abroad, it is an essential document that is strong enough to serve as a proof of address, and other details. But what you need to do if you lost your passport? The situation will be :

If you lose it while being abroad
If you lose it while being in India.
Go to the nearest police station. Go to the nearest police station and launch an FIR.
Get the copy of the report you filed with the police. After you get a copy of it, log in to http://passport.gov.in
Call the Indian embassy. Fill in the details and apply for Re-issue of passport. You can even visit the nearest PSK.
Apply for a duplicate passport and wait for about a week. The re-issue process is similar to getting the first passport ever.
Collect the passport from the embassy.
Get your visas stamped on the new passport by visiting the embassy of the country which issued your visa. You will need the documents stated above here as well.
Contact your insurance company if you have travel insurance.

How to apply for a duplicate passport

  1. On the website, on which you registered while applying for the passport first, you will find a section for this. Chose the option of an NRI or resident of India, whichever applies.
  2. Upload the copies of your previous passport and police report you made.
  3. Your visa and air tickets will also be required, depending upon the duration of your residence in the country.
  4. Add your message for an immediate issue of your duplicate passport.
  5. Pay the fee online.
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