How to Fix Bad Habits in a Relationship ?

Are you scared of losing your girlfriend/boyfriend or any relation due to your bad habits? Don't worry we will write down the easy and useful techniques to change your bad habits into good habits. There are so many ways to change your bad habits for a healthy relationship. We have picked some easy solutions which help you to make your bad habits into good habits and helps you to keep in a good relationship. First, we will write down about What are bad habits, then we will discuss about how bad habits can be broken and then the useful solutions with description.

What are Bad Habits?

In simple words, we can say that the behavior which is in the negative pattern is known as a bad habit. Some live examples of bad habits are - procrastination, nail-biting, overspending of money etc. Excessive consumption of anything like alcohol, smoking or any other drug is also counted as a bad habit.

How Bad Habits Can Be Broken?

There are so many ways and studies which will help you to break down your bad habits and become a good person.
  • First Identify About All Your Bad Habits.
  • Imagine About Your Further Life/Future.
  • Start Learning New Things.
  • Give Yourself Enough Time.
  • Have Good Self Control.
  • Check Body Language of Your Partner.
  • Don't Fear About Slips.
  • Stay/Being Together.
  • Don't Play Mind Games.
Everyone has bad habits so you don't need to be a worry. Just follow the steps mentioned below and start implementing it in your life. Lets Start. How to change bad habits in a relationship, how to change from bad habits, how to change bad habits in life The explanation of all these points is starting now. Read carefully.
  • First Identify About All Your Bad Habits

The first thing you have to do is identify all your bad habits. If you cannot identify your bad habits then you cannot overcome it. Take an honest look at yourself in a relationship and see what habits are broking your relationship. Note all those habits which will create tensions or ruckus between both of you. Blaming someone is very easy. It takes only a few seconds to blame someone but accepting is difficult. So first accept that you have bad habits and identifies it.
  • Imagine About Your Further Life/Future

If a person having any bad habit like excess use of drugs, alcohol and smoking etc then it can be broken with this given tagline. You need to just imagine about your further life like how you walk, what is your personality in the future etc. Now imagine your partner and think about how he/she will look with you in the future at a public place, occasions or events. Visualize each and everything in your mind about the future in imagination. This process will help you to break any bad habit.
  • Start Learning New Things

Another useful way which will help you to break down your bad habits is to start learning new things. When you learn something new you will feel confident and when you feel confident you will think positively. Start sharing what you learn with your partner. He/she will also feel happy for you that you have learned something new.
Some Bonus tips:-
  • Gift yourself some new books & magazines.
  • Learn or create some new ideas and concepts.
  • Listen to audiobooks (if you can).
  • Be active on social media (for just information stuff, not for timepass or chatting/flirting).
  • Give Yourself Enough Time

Always remember that your brain has put your bad habit in the automatic category (means always encourage you to do it). It is difficult to shake it free. Give yourself enough time to break your bad habits and become a good person in a relationship. According to the scientist's study, some people can break their bad habits in just 28-30 days but some take extra time (maybe 3months or more) to break. So don't be in worry. This tip can be useful for those who have less stress in life about work or family, having a good personality or good supporting people near you.
  • Have Good Self Control

Once you identify or noticed about your bad habits now be aware and conscious about that habit. Now it's the right time to have control over that bad habit. When the brain triggers you for that habit stay calm and find another way to communicate your feelings & things to your partner or someone. Have self-control is good for a better relationship.
  • Notice the Body Language of Your Partner

The harsh truth of the world is that most of the communications are done non-verbally. It doesn't matter what people saying, the poses make the picture clear. Make a focus on the body language of your partner for example if your partner says I don't care, but the tears are falling from eyes then please notice what's wrong is going on. When you solve all that contradictions your anger will go away. Both of you feel better and relaxed. This tip is helping those who have a bad habit of a lot of anger.
  • Don't Fear About Slips

Nobody becomes perfect, everyone slips up. If you also slip up then it will help you to make your bad habit into a good habit. The slip provides you the information about why you slip. It tells you about the reasons of why you slip at that particular time. Make notes of those things. It helps you to stay on the right track. Now start to think hard about the slip-up and try another way. Tomorrow is another day.
  • Stay Together 24X7

If both of you spending a lot of time together then it will make you more comfortable. When you start spending more time with your partner then you stop doing that bad thing which is not liked by his/her. This will also help you to understand each other at the next level.
  • Don't Play Mind Games

If you think that are you a good mind games player then it will be good for you but not for your partner and not for your relationship. In the end, it will hurt your relationship and you too. If you want a healthy relationship then don't play mind games. You can set the boundaries but not the traps. A helpful tip for those who think I am over smart and extra clever. So these are the 9 top techniques which will help you to change your bad habits in a relationship. I hope all of these solutions helps you to make your relationship bond more strong. Don't forget to share which technique you will use or affect you in your life in the below given comment section. If you think this piece of information is useful then feel free to share it with your friends and partners also.


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