Best Ways to Contact Rahul Gandhi - Top 7

President of Indian National Congress, Mr Rahul Gandhi entered into politics in 2004. He became the Vice-President of Congress in 2013 and President in 2017. He holds an important position in the Indian political system as he hails from the Nehru-Gandhi family. He is well-qualified and also holds a respectable work-experience. Gandhi family has always been very particular about sharing the contact details with the public. It is evident that security is a major concern for the family because of which both Rahul Gandhi and his sister Priyanka Gandhi were home-schooled after the assassination of PM Indira Gandhi. Not just that, Rahul Gandhi completed his graduation under the pseudo name Raul Vinci from Rollins College, Florida, US. He loves to keep it a secret, but what are the ways you could connect with him? Let’s have a look:

Possible ways to contact Rahul Gandhi

    • His Official Website

      The official INC website and the multiple social media options available on the website to send your message to the INC President.
    • His Official Twitter Handle

      Catch the latest information and updates from Rahul Gandhi on Twitter @Rahul Gandhi. He often Tweets and keeps you posted.
    • Rahul Gandhi Official Facebook Fan Page

      Rahul Gandhi can be approached from this world-renowned source called Facebook as well. To follow, click
    • YouTube Channel

      Just like any other popular personality, there’s also a YouTube account of Mr Rahul Gandhi, which you could access directly from the link given below:
    • Instagram Handle

      For the latest photos and details, there’s no other platform as popular as Instagram. The Honorable President of INC can be reached at
    • Permanent Address

      Since Rahul was born in Gandhi-Nehru family, his permanent address remains “12, Tughlak Lane, New Delhi - 110 011”. You can write to him addressing the President of the Indian National Congress.
    • Email id, Phone number and Fax Details

      The official contact details as announced are:
      Phone no. 011-23795161
      Fax 011-23012410,011-23012410
      Email id
Wondering why we didn’t mention Linkedin or messenger? There are several profiles available on Linkedin which are depicted as that of Rahul Gandhi. The official one, however, is uncertain. More than 500 Linkedin Profiles have been created in his name. So, Linkedin is definitely not the right choice to reach him. Same applies to random social media channels. Unlike Narendra Modi, he has not announced much about his whereabouts. The most suitable way to reach him appears to be his Twitter account, on which he definitely is proactive. These are some of the possible ways which can be used to get in contact with Rahul Gandhi.


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