How to Quit Alcohol Habit ?

Hey, are you more concerned about your much alcohol intake? Do you want to control or break your bad alcohol habit after work? Here you will find out such useful ways to control your bad drinking habits. Everyone has bad habits in their life like bad habits in a relationship, bad habits to eat food, too much alcohol, too much smoking etc. Imagine after reading this entire article if your drinking habit is broken then what will you give to us? Umm just drop down a "Thank You" or any message from you in the below-given comment section. First, we will write down about why people start drinking too much alcohol after work or in daily life. So lets Start.

Why People Start Drinking Too Much Alcohol?

For many of us like drinking one or two drinks is a way of celebration on any occasion or events like birthday, marriage, anniversary or any other occasion. But there are some people who love to drink all the time and want to be in that stage all the time. Those types of people have an addiction to alcohol and start consuming it daily at any time or maybe in the night after completing their work. Excessive consumption of alcohol in daily routine may have negative effects on your life or on your health. So here we will write down some useful ways to break down your bad drinking habits.

How to Quit Alcohol Habit?

  • Don't Keep Alcohol In Your House
  • Find Alternatives
  • Measure Drinks
  • Consider Your Drinks
  • Make a Diary of Your Drinking
  • Make A List of Reasons
  • Keep Yourself Busy
  • Challenge Yourself
  • Request for Support
Now we will start explaining all of these tips which will help you to break down your bad habit of alcohol drinking. How to Quit Alcohol Habit, ways to cut alcohol, how to get rid of alcohol bad habit

Don't Keep Alcohol In Your House

The first and easy tip for you to break or fix your bad alcohol drinking habit is don't keep alcohol in your house. Yes, it is a very efficient and good working tip for daily drinkers. If you are not having alcohol at your home then it can help you to limit your excessive drinking.

Find Alternatives

If you are a daily drinker then the second amazing tip for you is to find alternatives. Find alternatives means if you are having a bad habit of consuming too much of drink then on the place of alcohol you can drink soda water with lime, seed lip & tonic, homemade ginger beer, mocktails, soft drinks or many other alternatives. Once you start consuming the other beverages or alternatives it will change your taste and mind also. Find alternatives will also be a good trick for daily alcohol consumers.

Measure Drinks

The third tip for excessive alcohol consumers is to measure your drinks. Start measuring your drinks means to count how many drinks you have. (Don't cheat be accurate). You need to learn what measures as a standard drink so that you can easily count the actual drinks you have.
*Note - Always focused on your goal means if you are outside, in a bar or away from your house remember this tip in your mind.

Consider/Count Your Drinks

Consider your drinks is also an effective way for people who have bad habits of alcohol drinking daily or after work. If you start counting or considering your drink then it will help you to reduce or slow down daily drinking. You can start writing on a small piece of paper and kept it always in your pocket.  Another option is a smartphone, you can record your drinks in your smartphone notes options also. Choose that option which is more convenient for you.

Make a Diary of Your Drinking

You can note down about your drinks in a diary also. Get a diary and start writing in it for 3 to 4 weeks. It will help you to track down the record of your past. You can also add details about what, how and where you drank in that diary. If you set a goal then this diary will help you to complete your goal. If you are still having any trouble to sticking to your goal then make an appointment and start discussing with a specialist doctor or any health professionalist.

Make A List of Reasons

This tip will also help you to break your bad alcohol habit. Start making a list of reasons to reduce your excessive consumption of alcohol like feeling healthier, better sleepings, improvements in daily life or relationships etc. If you start writing it on a paper or diary it will help you or motivate you to quit or reduce drinking.
*Note - Don't be lazy. Start writing on a paper or note on your mobile phone.

Keep Yourself Busy

One of the easiest and quick tips to fix your alcohol habit is to keep yourself busy in other works like sports activities, walking, talking, spending time with family, spouse or parents etc. Go out with your loved ones, spend quality time with friends, watch movies etc. There are so many ways which will help you to keep busy. Reading books and magazines are also a great way to keep yourself busy. If you keep yourself busy in these things then it will become alternatives to drinking.

Challenge Yourself

I know quit drinking is not so easy. You need to challenge yourself again and again to stop or reduce drinking. If you start challenging yourself that you can do it or fix the bad habit of alcohol-consuming it will surely help you. It will strengthen your will power also. Once you start challenging yourself you can do anything whatever you want to do.
*Note - This tip will help you in daily life also. So start challenging yourself again & again.

Request for Support

Once again, friends, it's difficult to quit or cut drinking. Don't be shy, ask or request your friends or family members that you need their support. If your family or friends not supporting you then you can share the problem with your doctor, therapist or counselor. It will also help you to make new friends who support you to not drink too much. So these are all major ways which will help you to reduce or cut your bad habit of alcohol drinking. We have some other bonus tips also for you which are given below.

Some Bonus Tips

  • Pick Alcohol Free Days.
  • Learn to Say "No".
  • Remember to Eat.
  • Drink Slowly
  • Value Your Life
  • Keep Trying Again & Again
These bonus tips will also help you to cut down or quit the bad habit of drinking. So which tip you will use first, tell me in the comment section. If you feel that these tips will help you to cut down or quit the bad habit of drinking then feel free to share your views below Don't forget to share this information with your friends who also have a bad habit of consuming too much of alcohol.


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