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How to contact Abdu Rozikk

Rozik was born Muhammadroziqi Savriqul on 23 September 2003 in Ghizhdarva, Panjakent, Tajikistan. He was born into a Muslim family of father Savriqul Muhammad and mother Rooh Afza, who both worked as gardeners. He has two brothers and two sisters. As a child, Rozik was diagnosed with rickets, a growth hormone deficiency which could be cured with appropriate medical treatment. However, his family could not afford to have him treated, leading to his stunted growth. Due to his family’s poverty, Rozik was often out of school. He sang for tips in markets and on the streets of Panjakent.

Abdu Rozik’s early life was marked by adversity and challenges that shaped his remarkable journey. Born as Muhammadroziqi Savriqul on September 23, 2003, in Ghizhdarva, Panjakent, Tajikistan, he was born into a humble Muslim family. His father, Savriqul Muhammad, and his mother, Rooh Afza, worked as gardeners to make ends meet, struggling to provide for their family. Abdu was not alone in his family; he had two brothers and two sisters, further adding to the family’s responsibilities.

One of the significant obstacles Abdu faced as a child was being diagnosed with rickets, a growth hormone deficiency that required appropriate medical treatment. Unfortunately, the family’s financial situation made it impossible for them to afford the necessary medical care. As a result, Abdu’s growth was stunted, and he had to navigate life with this physical challenge.

The combination of economic hardship and health issues made it difficult for Abdu Rozik to access education regularly. He often found himself out of school, a circumstance that could have deterred many. However, Abdu’s determination and resilience shone through even in the face of adversity.

To contribute to his family’s income and support himself, young Abdu turned to singing for tips in markets and on the streets of Panjakent. This early experience not only helped him financially but also nurtured his talents and provided him with valuable life lessons.

Abdu Rozik’s childhood was marked by poverty and adversity, but it was also marked by his unwavering spirit and determination to overcome these challenges. His story serves as an inspiring testament to the power of resilience and the pursuit of one’s dreams, regardless of the obstacles that life may throw in one’s path.

Abdu Rozik Contact Details

We cannot share all the personal details of the musician due to some security reasons. But we will try to share the contact information provided by them for their fans. 


Abdu Rozik Residence Address: N/A

Abdu Rozik Phone Number: N/A

Abdu Rozik Mobile Number: N/A

Abdu Rozik WhatsApp Number: N/A

Abdu Rozik Manager Number: N/A

Abdu Rozik Fax Number: N/A

Abdu Rozik Email ID:  info@ifcm.ae

Abdu Rozik Official Website:  www.ifcm.ae

Social Profiles

Abdu Rozik is available on social media platforms including Instagram, etc. As he loves interacting with his followers. Social media is the best way to connect with the personal and professional life of your favorite ones. So you can follow her social media profiles to keep you updated about him. 

Facebook Page: facebook.com/abdurozikartist

Twitter Handle: officialabdurozik1@abdurozik.ae

Google Plus Profile: N/A

Linkedin Profile: N/A

YouTube Channel: youtube.com/channel/UC3FUkoOEFAP3-wUcBW5C0aw

Instagram Handle: instagram.com/abdu_rozik

Spotify : @Abdu Rozik

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