Voltas AC Customer Care Number, Toll Free Helpline, Email ID

Voltas AC is one of the popular Air Conditioners available in Indian Market. It is manufactured by Voltas which is a TATA Enterprise. They offer different ACs like Window AC, Split AC, Cassette AC and Slimline AC. All these Air Conditioners are available with different features and in different price range. To know these ACs more and for buying them customers can call the customer care offered by Voltas AC and customer care can also be used for the queries and support. Here, we will be sharing the customer care details which will be helpful for the customers to contact Voltas AC. Here below in this article customer can also find the answer of all general searchings such as how to contact Voltas AC, what is the customer care number of Voltas AC, what is the customer care email id of Voltas AC, what is the toll-free helpline number of Voltas AC, Voltas AC customer care contact details, Voltas AC customer care, Voltas AC toll-free number etc.

Voltas AC Customer Care Details

The Voltas AC users having queries, complaints, suggestions or want to give some feedback can contact them using the customer care of Voltas AC. Below we are sharing customer care toll-free number, SMS number, social profiles, etc of Voltas AC which can be contacted to be in touch with the company.

Voltas AC Toll-Free Helpline Number: 1800-425-4555

Here above is the customer care toll-free number for the Indian customer’s queries and support related to Voltas AC. It is available at service 24×7 and as it is a toll-free number so no call charges may apply.

Voltas AC Customer Care SMS Number: 56677

The customers can also use the customer care SMS number for the queries and support related to Voltas AC. They can SMS ‘AC ‘ to 56677 and can register their complaints and can also get the information related to dealers and service centers of Voltas AC.

Voltas Office Contact Details

Voltas AC Official Website: www.voltasac.com 

The official website of Voltas AC has mentioned above, customers can visit it anytime for any information related to ACS of Voltas and the company.

Voltas AC Social Profiles

Voltas AC has also made social profiles on the internet to be in touch with their consumers throughout India. The customers can follow these profiles and can get the latest information about Voltas ACs and also can share their views, feedbacks, suggestions, etc with them.

Twitter Page (For Service): twitter.com/VoltasAW

Facebook Page (For Service): facebook.com/voltasallweather

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Twitter Fan Page: twitter.com/VoltasAcs

Facebook Fan Page: facebook.com/voltasairconditioners

Important links

Voltas AC Complaints: www.voltasac.com/index.php?option=com_forms&view=pages&layout=complaint&Itemid=30 
The customers using the Voltas AC who are having some complaints can do the same on the complaints page of Voltas AC and can reach it out from the above-mentioned link.

Voltas AC FAQs: www.voltasac.com/index.php?option=com_content&view=article&id=35&Itemid=32 
The basic questions which are frequently asked on Voltas AC are answered on the link of the page mentioned above and customers can visit this page and can search for answers on this page.

Voltas AC Warranty / Service Request: www.voltasac.com/index.php?option=com_forms&view=pages&layout=warranty&Itemid=35
To check out the warranty/service request information and to request for the servicing of Voltas AC, customers can visit the above-mentioned page.

Voltas AC Feedback: www.voltasac.com/index.php?option=com_forms&view=pages&layout=feedback&Itemid=36 
The customers can also give their feedback related to Voltas AC on the page mentioned above and it will helpful for Voltas AC to serve better.

Voltas AC Catalog: www.voltasac.com/index.php?option=com_catalog&view=subcategory&Itemid=68&id=7 
With this link, consumers can see all the available Voltas ACs with their full information like features, prices, energy, etc.

Voltas AC Store Locator: www.voltasac.com/index.php?option=com_stlocator&view=list&Itemid=25 
If consumers are searching for the stores of Voltas AC nearby their location then they can visit the Store Locator of Voltas AC mentioned above.


What is the Customer Care Number of Voltas AC?

Voltas AC Customer Support Phone Numbers
Customer Care Number 1800-425-4555


How to contact Voltas AC Customer Care (Other Ways)?

Voltas AC Customer Support Email IDs / Important Links
Customer Care SMS Number 56677
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  • Atanu Chakraborty May 25, 2017, 4:30 am

    Hi, I am a new customer of voltas. I bought an air conditioner of voltas (Voltas 245 Dyi) from TATA Cliq on 7th of may 2017 and was delivered to me on 16th of may.I had several other options of air conditioners from different brands but I chose voltas because it claims to be india’s one of the best ac manufacturing brands with good service quality.After the delivery of the product on 16th of may I called voltas customer service several times and requested for installation which is free because I bought it from TATA Cliq (BIG MISTAKE).After that I got a call from voltas’ local service center and they confirmed my address to sent technicians.From then the technicians started giving excuses for not installing the ac which sounded pointless sometimes.The visits and excuses are as follows:
    Visit No.1: The place is not ready for installation because “there is no electrical socket in front of the ac and give us a call after installing it” (installed an electrical socket thereafter,bought all the required accessories for installation and called the technicians but nobody came so placed another installation request).
    Visit No.2: The place is not ready for installation because “there is no ladder and rope to lift the outdoor unit and we will bring our ladder tomorrow”. (but they saw the requirements in the first visit itself including the lifting of outdoor unit).
    And after all of this when they were finally supposed to do the installation on 24th of may, I received a call from the local service center(by Muktar) asking me if I’ve got the ladder ready(where they claimed to have a ladder the day before).I got surprised and asked him are you giving all these excuses just because I’m eligible for free installation because your technicians were supposed to bring the ladder themselves.Then they said the technicians lied and we will have to borrow the ladder from the tent house which will cost you 800 rs..Then I said no need to send the ladder because I could make a ladder in a much cheaper expense. Then MUKTAR said ok we are sending the technicians as soon as possible.After waiting for several hours I called him back and this time he said the technicians were busy but they’ll be arriving at any time.Again at around 5 P.m. i called him and this time he rudely said the technicians were on another site and will complete my installation even if its late at night and gave me their number.And finally at around 7pm i tried to call MUKTAR and the technician but nobody answered.So i would request voltas to take some serious action about it as i am probably not the only customer facing this kind of issue and this cannot be the quality of service voltas claim to provide to its customers.Thank You.

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