Times Now News Channel Office Address, Phone Numbers, Email ID

Check out Times Now News Channel contact details. It includes office address, phone number, fax number, email Id etc. details with reference of the official website of the News Channel.

Times Now is one of the leading 24-hour English news channels. It was launched in 2006 by Times Global Broadcasing Company Limited, a joint-venture of The Times Group and Reuters. This news channel is distributed by Media Network and Distribution (India) Limited. Some of its associated or sister channels are Zoom, ET Now and Movies Now which also comes under Times Group. Times Now News Channel’s slogan is “Always with the news”.

This was the brief introduction of the English news channel “Times Now” and now we are going to avail you the contact details of the channel. Mr. Arnab Goswami is the Editor-in-Chief of Times Now channel.

Times Now Logo

Times Now Logo

Times Now News Channel India SMS Number: 58888

If you want to subscribe the subscription pack of Times Now then you can message on the above number. You can message them in a format we are mentioning below:

For Airtel, Relience, Loop, BSNL & MTNL users

Type “TNSUB TN” and message it to “58888”

For Tata Docomo users

Type “TNNEWS” and message it to “58888”

Times Now News Channel India Corporate Office Contact Details

If you are willing to contact the Corporate Office of Times Now in India then you can use the contat information we are providing here which includes Times Now channel full address, office telephone number, fax number, e-mail addresses with the official website of the channel.

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Times Now Office Address : Times Now, Times Global Broadcasting Company Limited, Trade House, 1st Floor, Senapati Bapat Marg, Lower Parel, Mumbai 400013, India.

Times Now Phone Number: +91-22-24999944

Times Now Fax Number: +91-22-24931341

Times Now E-Mail ID : info@timesnow.tv

Above mail address is for the enquiries related to media, channel and feedbacks.

Ad Sales Enquiries Mail Address : adsales@timesnow.tv

Official Website: www.timesnow.tv

Important Links

Jobs : www.timesnow.tv/articleshow/4211422.cms
This link is for the willing people wants to do job in Times Now.

Affiliate Networks : www.timesnow.tv/articleshow/4211421.cms
This link will take you to information related to Affiliate Networks of Times Now.

Complaint Redressal: www.timesnow.tv/articleshow/4323568.cms
This link is for Complain Redressal provided by Times Now.

Feedback: www.timesnow.tv/articleshow/4211409.cms
This link is for the valuable feedbacks from the viewers of Times Now.

Advertisement: www.timesnow.tv/articleshow/4211424.cms
This link is for businesses who want to advertise with Times Now.

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Hence we have provided the knowledge about the Times Now and its contact information and for more you can visit the official website of the channel mentioned above.

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  • Brigadier Ravi Muniswamy December 21, 2017, 7:40 am

    How do i take part in the writing articles for the group. As i have wealth of knowledge in the Department of Defence Production and the coterie of people working to degrade the National Security.

  • ASHOK KEDIA December 12, 2017, 8:48 am


  • Lakshminarayanan Raju September 29, 2017, 11:19 am

    Can you please share your mail ID, I wish to share a snapshot of my proposal with regards to women empowerment

  • Rejaul August 19, 2017, 6:01 am

    Tmc ripit

  • Ditz Jacob August 15, 2017, 6:03 am

    Date : 14/08/2017
    As my friends are running multi model restaurant under one GST number. Which includes bakery, sweet stall, Darshini type Non AC self service, Non AC Service hall,  AC restaurant, Non Ac Party hall, AC party hall, out door food catering, & Take away counter.
      For the above combo, the applicable % of GST slabs are given below;
    1)      Bakery;  0% for bread, Pastry 28%,
    2)      Sweet counter ; Mixture 12%, Sweets 5%,
    3)      Self service Non AC 12%
    4)      Ac dining at  18%,
    5)      ODC 18%,
    6)      Non AC Party hall -12%, 
    7)      AC party hall 18%
    8)      Take away 12%.
    With reference to the central Govt clarification in todays news paper; “any restaurant with any of the part having AC function will have to charge 18% for all outlets including Non -Ac sections & take away”.
    Now for Multi restaurant model business, how can a  customer pay 18% GST for having food in the non AC section or Darshini / take away ??
    Example :
    1) At bakery poor customers buy bread at 0% GST, now how to go about charging the customer 18% GST ??
    2) At Darshini, customer is questioning as to why he has to pay 18% for the all the food he had at non Ac standing service & take away?? And it is not logic also.
    3) At star hotels Govt has given 28%  GST on rooms, and now Govt has made an amendment and they can charge 18% GST for rooms under 7500 tariff. Hence why can not the same logic apply for Darshini hotels?? and save poor people’s money& unlike for Bar & restaurant which is a luxury item.
    4) Initially same issue was handled during introduction of service tax, as “any restaurant with any of the part having AC function will have to charge ST for all outlets including Non -Ac sections & take away”. Later, GOVT made an amendment and said “Service tax only applicable for the section where AC is functioning in the building”.  
    Please think about if the Govt made compulsory to levy 18% GST as per today’s news paper, 90% of the Darshini in Bangalore are having AC – non AC – Sweets -Bakery combination. They will come out with 2 plans:
    1) Remove air conditions in restaurant where they have done the interior with all amenities required for AC.
    2) Charge 18% for all other non Ac sections, which will obviously cause grave effect on the sales. We can not compete with other Darshini and road side outlets which are not under GST, below 20 lac turnover a year group, and the COT  below 75 lac turnover a year group.
    The production and usage of unbranded food items will increase as people gets misguided with the significant change in pricing between Darshini whish are registered under GST & Darshini which are unregistered or under COT.
    Now the customers are already troubled with the introduction of GST, are put into more difficulty by forcing them to pay up 18% GST for daily Darshini food/ snack.
    I hereby request you to have a debate amongst the hotel association & commissioner – GST & take positive action on the above.
    Thanks & Regards,
    Well wisher


  • Major B A Nanjappa (Rtd) August 8, 2017, 5:24 am

    Dear Sir Rahul/ Madam Navika.
    Want to know how to contact you. Kodagu a district in Karnataka also called Coorg is being methodically destroyed and with it the death of a River Called Cauvery. R. Cauvery caters for 8 Crore people of Deccan Plateau. If Times now doesn’t take cognisance, there will be lacs of farmers suicides every week in a couple of years. Please help us crusaders.
    Maj Nanjappa