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In Bihar state, Susheel Kumar Modi is a very popular face and is a part of Bhartiya Janta Party and a member of Rashtriya Swamsevak Sangh (RSS). He was born on 5 January 1952 and his parents are Moti Lal Modi and Ratna Devi. He belongs to Vaishya Bania family. He had a family business of readymade garments. He did his graduation from Patna Science College and completed his Botany Hons. in 1973.  At the age of 10, he joined RSS. During the half way of his MSc. he quit it and took part in various social movements. He came in contact with some prominent social activists of that time. All these things changed his life and gave it a new turn. From there only he started fighting for the welfare of people.

He also served as Deputy Chief Minister and Finance Minister of Bihar. He was also appointed as Chairman of the Empowered Committee of State Finance Ministers for the Implementation of the Goods and service tax in July 2011. In 1962, during Indian Sino War, he was designated Commandment in Civil Defence and trained civilians and students to maintain their physical fitness and to taught them parade. Within this year, he became member of RSS. After that he took highest rank training in RSS and worked as a whole time worker at various RSS centers. From his college days, he was active in politics. He was a student leader of Patna student’s union. Later on he also worked in Bihar Pradesh Chatra Sanghrash Samiti. During JP Movement he was arrested five times. When emergency proclaimed in India, he was arrested and kept in jail for entire emergency period. After emergency, he took the charge as State secretary of ‘Akhil Bhartiya Vidyarthi Parishad’.

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S.K. Modi played a strong role in leading anti –urdu agitations in Bihar and Assam. In 1990, he stood and won in Assembly of Central Patna and was re-elected in 1995 and 2000. For several years, he was been a part of opposition party. In Nitish kumar’s government, he served as a minister but for a short span. In 2004, he stood from Bhagalpur District and took his first step towards Lok Sabha. In 2005, when NDA government formed in Bihar, he took the charge of Deputy Chief Minister till 2013. During this span he also played a major role in finance department too.

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  • BINOD KUMAR TIWARI December 25, 2017, 3:08 pm

    The Hon’ble Dy Cm, Bihar
    Sri Sushil Kumar Modi Jee

    Subject: Apathy and neglect by conducting prosecution officer, Sh. Siv Shankar Thakur of Karakat-PS- Case No. 22 of 2007, Gr. Case No. -168 of 2007, Trial No. 2215 of 2017, State ‘vs’ Raja Ram Yadav and others in Ld. court of Sh. L.B. Paswan, 1st class, J.M. at Civil Court, Bikramganj (Rohtas). It is a case of quid pro quo between prosecution officer and accused persons.
    Due to callous, prejudiced and non cooperating attitude of prosecution officer, Sh. Siv Shankar Thakur, Medical officer, Dr. B.K. Mishra returned back twice without deposition and I.O. of the said crime, Sh. Laxman Singh, S.I. retuned back once without testifying from the said trial court. It is happening due to non cooperating attitude and subsequently prosecution fact is not properly placed before the trial court. Almost, said conducting Prosecution officer is torturing the witnesses and it appears that the said crime may collapse due to lack of evidence . Although, the said trial has been going under speedy justice basis by observation and direction of ld. district Court, Rohtas at Sasaram but unnecessarily, it is being adjourned without doing any effective business.
    This repeated grievance brought many times since last 12-13 years to every concerned but it appears that I am residing in banana republic where only kangaroo system prevails. Why not, system is fixing the accountability of any individual? Who is responsible for this inordinate delay? Can system reply and Hon’ble DY C.M. seek any explanation as per law.
    I am poor army personnel and now stationed at Rajoury in J & K which is at boarder of Pakistan where I am serving and sacrificing for the nation but I have been roaming from pillar to post for the justice for last 12-13 years but it continues to elude. May I get Justice where Prosecution Officer, Sh. Shiv Shankar Thakur be squarely blamed, he is not at all cooperating. Can system ask reason from him but I know, system is so corrupt that system may adopt “sab kuchh chalata hai attitude”.
    The accused persons are habitual offenders and meanwhile, they have been passing threat to witnesses to file affidavit of compromise else face dire consequences.
    Therefore, you are requested to do needful after through inquiry such that the crime be disposed of on fixed reference of time frame in the larger interest of natural justice as it has already been inordinately delayed of 12-13 years.
    Binod Kumar Tiwari
    S/O: Late Kashi Nath Tiwari
    Village- Mangra
    P.S.- Karakat(Gorari)
    Distt: Rohtas
    Pin 802 205

  • VINOD KUMAR December 16, 2017, 11:41 am

    Dear sir
    Sir I want to meet with you.
    Kindly reply on my e-mail

  • Dileep kumar November 11, 2017, 2:58 pm

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  • BINOD KUMAR TIWARI November 5, 2017, 2:15 pm

    Sh. Sushil Kumar Modi
    The Hon’ble  Dy CM
    Govt. of Bihar 

    Subject: In the matter of application for laches and apathy on the part of the conducting Ld. APP of the Criminal Appeal No 26/2015, Raja Ram Yadav and others ‘Vs’ State (through Binod Kumar Tiwari) of  Ld. Court of ADJ-04, & Appeal No 50 /2015 State (through Binod Kumar Tiwari) Vs Raja Ram Yadav and others of  Ld. Court of ADJ- 02, Ld. District and Session Court Rohtas, both appeals are of the same occurrence and sprang up from the same judgment and order of Ld. criminal trial court, Bikramganj, (Rohtas) which have been stuck on appearance for last more than two and half years. Also, for reminder of no follow up action regarding my grievances as there is no change of status at ground zero.
    I am poor army personnel, now stationed at Rajoury in J & K and serving the nation at boarder of Pakistan. Due to indifference and negligence of conducting APP of the said Criminal appeals, the criminal appeal has not made any headway even after two and half years and as a matter of fact, since admission, the above said appeals have been abandoned by state counsel(APP) and no counsel(s) appeared on behalf of state as both appeals have been going on appearance for last two and half years. It appears that I am residing in banana republic where kangaroo system is only operational.
    The both said appeals are of the same occurrence and are arisen out from the same judgment and order of SDJM court, Bikramganj. Initially, both appeals have been going in Ld. ADJ-05 but after vacation of this court, both appeals are irrationally and unmindfully transferred to different Ld. Courts i.e. Cr. Appeal-26 of 2015 is transferred to Ld. court of ADJ-04 while other, Cr. Appeal-50 to Ld. court of ADJ-02 which is travesty of justice.
    The justice delayed is not only justice derailed and denied rudely but in my case, it is dangerous as well since the accused persons are habitual, perpetual offenders and have been always muscle flexing and threatening the witnesses to file affidavit of compromise else face dire consequences. Due to inordinate delay in disposal of the crimes, criminals are enjoying while victims are roaming pillar to post for the quest of justice and today the common men are crushed under insensitivity of system which is miscarriage of justice.
    Therefore, you are requested to inquire the matter and punish the erring individual and expedite the proceeding of the ld. court such that said appeals disposed of at earliest on day to day hearing in the larger interest of natural justice.

    Yours Sincerely
    Binod Kumar Tiwari
    (Petitioner , Informant and Victim)
    S/o Late Kashi Nath Tiwari
    Resident of village -Mangra
    P.S.: Karakat
    Distt: Rohtas; Pin 802 205
    9466077552 (M)

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