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Check out Sonia Gandhi office / residence contact details which includes the full address, phone numbers, fax numbers etc. with reference of the official website of AICC.

Mrs. Sonia Gandhi, meant as the most powerful lady in India. She is the Member of Parliament of 15th Lok Sabha from Rae Bareily (Uttar Pradesh). She belongs to the biggest political party in India, Indian National Congress (INC) also known as Congress. More importantly, she is the president of the majority party which is the same. Even she is also the president of UPA which is ruling the Government in India since 2004 (till now 2013-14).

Mrs. Sonia Gandhi belongs to Lusiana, Vicenza of Italy. Date of birth of Sonia Gandhi is 09 December 1946. Father is Late Mr. Stefano Maino and mother’s name is Mrs. Paola Predebon. Late Mr. Rajiv Gandhi is her husband who as also the ex – Prime Minister as well as the INC President.

The name of this famous political and social working personality before marriage was Edvige Antonia Albina Màino. She has two children Rahul Gandhi and Priyanka Gandhi. According to the official information, she surrendered her Italian passport to Italian Embassy on 27 April 1983 automatically she left the citizenship of Italy then only. After marrying with an India citizen she got Indian citizenship.

Mrs Sonia Gandhi Image

Mrs Sonia Gandhi Image

Sonia Gandhi Office / Residence Contact Details

Sonia Gandhi Office Address – 10, Janpath, New Delhi – 110011, India

Sonia Gandhi Residence Phone Number : +91-11-23014161, 23014481

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Sonia Gandhi Office Phone Number : 011-23792263, 23019080

Sonia Gandhi Fax Number : 011-23018651

Sonia Gandhi E-Mail ID :

Sonia Gandhi Official Website :

These are the contact information of Mrs. Sonia Gandhi. If you are willing to contact her regarding any kind of problem, queries, complaints etc. You can go through with these contact details.

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As Mrs. Sonia Gandhi has so many positions in various kind of departments and parties. So, it will be difficult for to get an personally appointment from such a big personality. In case, you are willing to communicate with her. Then the appointment related information can be obtained be following the above mentioned contact details

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  • Ashok Reddy Cherukupally January 19, 2017, 12:20 pm

    H.E Sonia madam Ji I fully confident in Telangana in 2019 compulasary we can go to capture lot of seats with Rhaul and Priyankas vist . I thing after five state elections compulasary make activities in Telangana How Congress sacrifice it ,but credite goes to KCR .Madam in Telangana people reddyies are 22% in Their population.Madam in Dehli you should conduct to a trainy program to senior Leaders .and what defects in KCR they are ruled like family monarch no other ministers have rights. This thing .Madam goodays come to us.thank you madam .jai Sonia Jim..thank you madam my self I am waiting for your’s on words my I am going to try to contest my native place constituency BALKONDA.madam .i seek your’s blessing when come Delhi Mr.Madhuyashki or Mr.Suresh shatter ex- MP s.and two other Ex-MPs and MLA s .Please kindly concerned me …..thank you madam… Your’s …Ashok reddy Cherukupally; Flat:605 ;Block-E;SS Town Ship ; pipeline road,PetBasheerbad ;Hyderabad -500067

  • Sanjay Ajgalle January 17, 2017, 8:47 am

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  • s.venkateshwaran January 7, 2017, 5:17 am

    H.E.Sonia Gandhi

    Lpg, Power and Water supply for every indian home by 2020.


  • George K John December 28, 2016, 12:01 pm

    At: Mrs. Sonia Gandhi & Mr. Rahul
    It would be better to remove some of our leaders from the party in Kerala, those can’t stand up to the party discipline and maintain its dignity and confidence in public..
    Since congress have lost in previous election due to corruption, case like Saritha and loss of minority support ,we have to work in unity and in order to regain the public’s confidence and influence..
    Therefore I would like to advice or request you to be kind enough to pass strict rule to stop group struggles inside party and give strong advise to them to work among the people. Please tell them ‘’to stop saying A group I group’’ a common man or voter can’t tolerate this? we can build again our party and no need this type of leaders… People giving vote for ‘’Congress’’ not for A group or I group? It is horrible….Please understand ?
    People in Kerala as well as the whole India, having still confidence on congress party and great expectations from us …
    My suggestion is that simply avoid old leaders those who stand for position, power as well as money. In connection with, MPs & MLAs candidateship AICC must fix some basic eligibility criteria’s for the coming elections…

    a) Candidates must have fluency in English and Hindi language
    b) They must be having good influence among the people in their areas/constituencies
    c) Must be good natured and good appearance
    d) Representation of local religion

    In fact, and in view of our loss and damages of our party in all over India, there must be strict rules to be imposed on party men and leaders from AICC
    Also would appreciate if you could strictly warn the state leaders, not to bring un necessary and silly party issues in to hi command in Delhi… It may spoil the image of congress.
    Being a party member and well-wisher, I believe , it is my duty to point out such few problems those are currently going into the party level in Kerala now…

    I remain now
    Would appreciate your kind actions at the earliest…
    Thanking you
    George K John
    Whatsap: 00965 94150240

  • Rajinder Singh December 28, 2016, 11:40 am

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  • TREASA SAMUEL December 28, 2016, 6:04 am

    Dear Soniaji, hope u will check this mail. Wish u happy new year. I am from a traditional congress family. I am very upset about congress loosing their ground in every state under your leadership. Do not consider those who point out the mistakes as your enemies. Listen to criticism and try to correct the problems accordingly. Rahul Gandhi has not having any leadership quality to become prime minister of India. It is the peoples oppinion that until you and Rahul Gandhi hold the positions as president and vice president of Congress party as an inheritance right, the congress party would suffer much more. If you want to come back to the past glory of congress party you and Rahul must step down from the leadership, after selecting efficient leaders as party heads. I am a graduate in politics. It is my opinion about Shri Kabil Sibal , a good human being, a person held the cabinet post many times, a leader with knowledge, understanding and wisdom and have ability to silence the opposite party and a leader at par to become the president of congress party and have all qualities to become the prime minister of India. Think about it and change your strategy to make congress powerful in the next general elections. I love Nehru, Indira Gandhi, Rahul Gandhi that is why I want to tell you one thing with sincerity that is ” please you and Rahul Gandhi may step down and save congress before its doom.

  • Keshab Manuskhani December 17, 2016, 8:43 am

    Dear Priyankaji,

    Me & my wife have been traditional Congress supporters for over 2 decades now.

    And as a supporter of Secularism, I must clearly state – that these are critical times for the Congress.
    And the nation Priyankaji.

    See, the need of an opposition, to a charismatic leader like Modi, is absolutely imperative. Absolutely imperative Priyankaji.

    I speak with such concern, because I believe that the party that made this independent country & set down the rules of social engagement for us, is now being relegated to an also ran.

    Priyankaji, the Congress belongs not just to the Gandhi’s, but also to the nation & to all those right minded people, who understand the danger of playing communal majoritarian politics in India.

    And what is most fearful is the manner in which Rahul is approaching this entire issue. His responses are more in parody than in reaction. One may laugh with him, but would one vote for him?
    There is no vision, no solutions & no charisma, conveyed in all of his speaking & his interactions.
    A lack of intensity, a lack of involvement & a lack of mass connect, is clearly evident.

    The Congress & a right to an opposition, are proprietaries of us citizens of India Priyankaji, not just Congressmen.
    It is our national duty to ensure that the party does not become irrelevant.

    And only charisma & a contrary vision can combat Modi.

    I too have an elder sister Priyankaji & so I recognize your commitment to let your brother have his space & glory.
    But let us face it, for heaven’s sake please, that as a politician & a leader of the party, he has failed.

    To all of us who did note vote for the BJP & to all of us who do not want to see another 5 years of Modi, it is imperative that we urge for the re-branding & renewed leadership of the Congress.
    There has to be a sense of urgency about this.

    And there can be no one else apart from you Priyankaji. You have that sense of sincerity, that ability to retort with a smile & yet mean business.
    And the people-to people connect, that is absolutely essential for any politician, along with a warmth, that is extremely endearing.

    The writing is on the Wall.
    And we do not & cannot tolerate another 5 years of the BJP & Modi.

    Else that will spell absolute doom for the Congress & secular India.

    Mark my words Priyankaji.

    Warm Regards,

    Keshab Mansukhani

  • Attem balaji December 16, 2016, 6:46 pm

    Congress going to die..

    Causes only because of their present correbtion advicers…
    Pattem balaji

    Advicers should have faithfull.
    According to new technology mind sets.
    I am only aginest to our PM regards currency loosers with his action. From honest peoples….

    Otherwise i would his fan.
    But i was congress fan till 2months ago.

    Pattem balaji

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