Sonia Gandhi Office / Residence Address, Phone Number, Email, Website

Check out Sonia Gandhi office / residence contact details which includes the full address, phone numbers, fax numbers etc. with reference of the official website of AICC.

Mrs. Sonia Gandhi, meant as the most powerful lady in India. She is the Member of Parliament of 15th Lok Sabha from Rae Bareily (Uttar Pradesh). She belongs to the biggest political party in India, Indian National Congress (INC) also known as Congress. More importantly, she is the president of the majority party which is the same. Even she is also the president of UPA which is ruling the Government in India since 2004 (till now 2013-14).

Mrs. Sonia Gandhi belongs to Lusiana, Vicenza of Italy. Date of birth of Sonia Gandhi is 09 December 1946. Father is Late Mr. Stefano Maino and mother’s name is Mrs. Paola Predebon. Late Mr. Rajiv Gandhi is her husband who as also the ex – Prime Minister as well as the INC President.

How to contact Sonia Gandhi

The name of this famous political and social working personality before marriage was Edvige Antonia Albina Màino. She has two children Rahul Gandhi and Priyanka Gandhi. According to the official information, she surrendered her Italian passport to Italian Embassy on 27 April 1983 automatically she left the citizenship of Italy then only. After marrying with an India citizen she got Indian citizenship.

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Mrs Sonia Gandhi Image

Mrs Sonia Gandhi Image

Sonia Gandhi Office / Residence Contact Details

Sonia Gandhi Office Address – 10, Janpath, New Delhi – 110011, India

Sonia Gandhi Residence Phone Number : +91-11-23014161, 23014481

Sonia Gandhi Office Phone Number : 011-23792263, 23019080

Sonia Gandhi Fax Number : 011-23018651

Sonia Gandhi E-Mail ID :

Sonia Gandhi Official Website :

These are the contact information of Mrs. Sonia Gandhi. If you are willing to contact her regarding any kind of problem, queries, complaints etc. You can go through with these contact details.

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As Mrs. Sonia Gandhi has so many positions in various kind of departments and parties. So, it will be difficult for to get an personally appointment from such a big personality. In case, you are willing to communicate with her. Then the appointment related information can be obtained be following the above mentioned contact details

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  • Mala Prasad November 17, 2017, 4:17 am

    No. HPF/W-Emp/2017/01 Horizontal Planet Forum
    302, 3rd Floor, F-17
    Harsha Complex
    Subhas Chowk, Laxmi Nagar
    Home Page: Delhi-110092
    Tele No- 7367887151 Dated:16 November, 2017


    The Congress President
    New Delhi

    Respected Sir,
    As an optimistic woman, I feel highly assured to get an equally dignified space and share compared to men in shaping the destiny of India in the days to come.
    However, there is a minor road-block in the form of opposition to the Women’s Reservation Bill. It can be easily solved if we seriously look into the core issue i.e. the genuine grievances to those opposing the bill.
    Above bill, if passed, will render 33% of parliamentary/Legislative seats, to be specified later on, as reserved for women. Every serious politician of any party has worked so hard and even devoted his whole life to nurture his own constituency. If his constituency is reserved for women, his own career will be completely ruined, his efforts of his whole life will go wasted and he will be left with no option but to play as second fiddle to someone new and junior to him and for him it will be simply a case of cruel gender discrimination by women. His grievances are genuine and it should not happen to him as a case of gender discrimination.
    The fact is that every political party advocates the women empowerment issue but is scared of scenario where deserving and devoted male politicians have to be victimized just because of his seat being reserved for women as an outcome of passage of women’s reservation bill.
    The solution is that instead of reserving 33% of specific seats, 50% of the tickets of any political parties be reserved for women. In this way, there will be no any injustice to any deserving serious politician as his constituency is not snatched from him on the pretext of reservation. Making it mandatory to give 50% tickets to women will make women from all over the country and not from just one third of the country to prepare them in shaping the destiny of our country. Initially, it will have lukewarm effect as political parties may like to give tickets to women from less strong positions, but in the long run it will be highly beneficial for women to work and win on their own strength and feel the real self- confidence.
    Hence, I am completely hopeful that you will look into the issue of women empowerment from this angle and take initiative to introduce the bill with provision of 50% tickets to be given by any political party to women in any election. Further to this, this formulae, will hardly receive any opposition from any political party.
    Thanking you, Sir, in anticipation of your constructive effort in this direction.
    Yours Sincerely

    (Mala Prasad)

    Copy To
    1. Shri Amit Shah, President, BJP : with request for n/a at your end please.
    2. Mrs. Sonia Gandhi, President, Congress : with request for n/a at your end
    3. Shri Nitish Kumar, CM, (Bihar) : with request for n/a at your end please.
    4. Miss Mamta Banerjee, CM, (W. B.) : with request for n/a at your end please.
    5. Mrs. Menaka Gandhi, Cabinet Minister : with request for n/a at your end
    6. Mrs. Smriti Irani, Cabinet Minister : with request for n/a at your end please.

  • Ashutosh Satpathy November 14, 2017, 3:48 am

    Dear Sonia ji and Rahul ji,
    I appreciate the contribution of congress party and your family for the country.I appreciate the contribution of both of you and sacrifices made by both of you.I know you love the country and party very much.
    In the mean time I have one request.To make the party and nation prosper further your continuity in politics is very important and you can make it better by taking wise decision.
    Sonia ji has made it in the past by not opting to be PM and Dr Manmohan Singh became the PM.
    Similarly please clearly communicate the message that nobody from your family is going to be neither PM nor party president.This would enhance the respect also.
    Also please facilitate the party to select an able person as party president.
    As you love nation ,hope you will understand why I am saying this.
    Bapuji because of the same reason was away from the party after independence.But he was active also for development of the nation.

    So if possible please try to build congress on its own and allow leadership positions outside your family.
    This would strengthen the party,your self and the nation as a whole.

    Thaking you.
    With regards

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