Samsung Customer Care Numbers, Email ID, Toll Free Helpline Phone

In this post we are sharing Samsung customer care numbers or Samsung India toll free helpline numbers. Which can help the customers of Samsung India to contact the customer care department of the company regarding various issues related the products and services of the company.

Samsung India Offices Contact Details

Samsung Mobile Customer Care

Samsung TV Customer Care

Samsung is world’s one of the largest consumer electronics provider company. Samsung provides all type of product services including Samsung Mobile phones, Samsung Smartphones, Samsung Tablets, Samsung Laptops, Samsung Televisions, Samsung Home appliances etc. The Samsung Galaxy smartphones have gained a lot of popularity among the customers in the world. Keeping in mind the success of Galaxy, Samsung also introduced it’s camera called Samsung Galaxy Camera. Also the tablets by Samsung include Samsung Note I, Note II & Note III.

Samsung Customer Care Support Contact Details

If you are facing any kind of problem related to Samsung products. Then you can directly contact the Samsung customer care support office. It can be done easily by following the below listed toll free helpline number.

Samsung Toll Free Helpline Numbers : 1800-3000-8282 & 1800-266-8282

The phone lines are available for 24 hours a day & from Monday to Sunday. Weekends are off. Indian callers will not be charged for the calls as both the numbers are totally toll free.

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Samsung India Logo

Samsung India Logo

Samsung India SMS Contact

You can also you contact the Samsung customer care through SMS. For that you have to send an SMS as :

SMS CARE to 564242

SMS care service is available from 9 pm to 6 pm (Monday to Saturday) only. The premium SMS are charge apply on each SMS.

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All the above information can be used by the customers or clients who are searching for Samsung Mobile customer care numbers, Smasung TV customer care support or toll free helpline numbers for other appliances related to Samsung India.

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  • Kojek December 8, 2016, 1:06 pm

    Kepada samsung celaka. Aku guna samsung note 5. Tel aku ada msalah dgn lampu menyala merah walaupun tel sudah off. Lepas tu aku bawa pergi kat samsung servis kat belakang tesco kota bharu kelantan. Selepas bagi kat servis kota bharu tel aku jadi makin celaka punya rupa.macam lagi buruk tel aku sedangkan aku baru pakai tak sampai setahun. Memang servis samsung ni buat kerja macam celaka lah. Lain suruh cek sampai barang lain pulak yg rosak. Memang Babi la servis samsung ni. Tapi bila aku pergi balik untuk bagitau yang tel aku ni macam cibai kat touch back dan menu depan berkedut. Staf kat reception servis jawab efect masa buka tel. Kenapa samsung pakai pekerja macam cibai buat kerja sampai tel aku jadi macam celaka dan dia bagitau yang waranty tel aku dah habis. Babi betul la samsung servis buat kerja. Celaka punya barang samsung. Memang celaka servis samsung.

  • nehru singh December 8, 2016, 11:33 am

    My phone problem is not charging

  • nehru singh December 8, 2016, 11:32 am

    Samsung j2 2016 full waranty in my phone and servise center this phone is nk warrenty this is my problem

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