Ravish Kumar (NDTV) Office Address, Phone Number, Email

Find out the contact details of Ravish Kumar (NDTV). We are sharing full office address, office phone number, email ID, etc, along with Facebook and Twitter account URL of Mr. Ravish Kumar.

Ravish Kumar is a famous journalist of Indian Media. He is working with NDTV News Channel as an anchor cum senior reporter. He conducts Prime Time debate show on the channel. He had also done shows effective shows like Hum Log’ and ‘Ravish Ki Report. He was also honoured with awards like Ramnath Goenka Excellence in Journalism of the year.

How to contact Ravish Kumar?

Ravish Kumar, born in a small city Motihari of Bihar state. He completes his schooling at Loyola High School in Patna. For further education, he came to Delhi. Presently, he is one of the most favourite Hindi anchors of Indian Media. People love his way of speech and especially sarcasm.

Ravish Kumar is a married person and his wife name is Nayana Dasgupta. By profession, his wife is the head of the history department at Lady Sri Ram College. The couple is having two daughters.

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He is also the author of a book named “Dekhte Rahiye”, “Ishq Mein Shahar Hona” and “Ravishpanti”. The name of his upcoming book which is under pipeline now is Penguin India.
He is always there on the list of popular Hindi news anchors in India and also awarded many awards like Ganesh Shankar Vidyarthi Award in 2010 and 2014, Ramnath Goenka Excellence in Journalism Award, Journalist of the Year (Broadcast) in 2013, Kuldip Nayar journalism award in 2017.
Some of the other popular Male Hindi News Anchors in India are DibangRajat Sharma, Deepak Chaurasia and Punya Prasun Bajpai.

Ravish Kumar Office Contact Details

Ravish Kumar Office Address: NDTV Ltd.207, Okhla Industrial Estate, Phase 3, New Delhi 110020

Ravish Kumar Office Phone Number: 011-26446666

Ravish Kumar Email ID: N/A

Ravish Kumar NDTV

Ravish Kumar Official Website: N/A

Ravish Kumar Blog: www.naisadak.blogspot.in

We are providing the URL of his personal blog, where he himself writes on various topics.

Social Profiles

Facebook Fan Page: facebook.com/NDTVRavish/

Facebook Profile: facebook.com/ravish.kumar.359

Twitter Handle: twitter.com/ravishndtv

Instagram Handle: instagram.com/ravish_kumar_ndtv

Youtube Channel: N/A

Google Plus Profile: N/A

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  • sabina January 3, 2018, 7:18 am

    Why media has become bias?why only one sided news are covered and telecast? It’s deplorable for media, reporters and journalist that they are loosing peoples faith. It’s better for media to declare themselves as entertainment industry rather than proclaiming to be statue of thruth.

  • Vibha January 1, 2018, 5:00 pm

    Sir please focus firstly on this topic.. Our government just show us about digital india, made in india…. But how can our india became developed country if our youth and next generation would not have government jobs… I am from rajasthan government school put on private mode.. And many other sectors privatization……plz plz plz focus on this topic… No jobs no success… In future only rich became rich & poor became more poor plz sir… I’m student m very very scared about future..
    In this model govt giving all, schools, n technical work to private companies , because of this availability of govt job is continously decreesing, and if private organizations hire all employees they give less payment to all employees
    Because base pay of any graduate is not fix legally . Its so scary that no person will get actual profit that he or she actually worth for. They start it from technical sector but now govt is trying to include all sectors in privatization
    We all will have to be slave of those private agencies .
    First we were slave of mugals, then east india company n now govt trying to make us slave again of contractors.

  • satish December 31, 2017, 1:19 am

    Hi Ravish ji
    Please see this link as I am Australian of Indian origin. Please see this is real equality not what we see in indian democracy.

  • Nitin Kumar Gupta December 28, 2017, 4:53 pm

    Kindly call me soon on my given Number

  • Nitin Kumar Gupta December 28, 2017, 4:50 pm

    Dear Sir My Brother Journalist NAVEEN GUPTA Murdered on 30/11/17 at Bilhaur Kanpur Nagar.
    We met 16th December to CM Yogi ji for CBI investigation and compansation and Govt. to brother’s wife.
    He have not given any support to us till today.
    Kindly Support and explore this high profile murder of journalist soon.
    Nitin Gupta

  • sabina December 24, 2017, 8:04 am

    Agriculture is biggest employment providing sector in India. It is even most neglected. only specific section of agrarian society have benefited. They have to collectively rise as an industry and become tax payer. The medium and small farmers need to be club and form in to cooperative farming not just by the govt but also by rich farmers.There is a need of social and moral willingness among farmers. To make SMART VILLAGES, farmers from all section of agriculture community have to work collectively.

  • Ajit Sanghi December 21, 2017, 1:19 pm

    Dear Ravish Kumar
    On the havoc Emotion and Passion plays with our Hearts and Minds.

    [An Indian reaction to some remarks by Henry Fielding]: The line of thought was not alien to them, but the words were too definite and bleak. Unless a sentence paid a few emotional compliments to justice and morality in passing, its grammar wounded their ears and paralyzed their minds.
    — Edward Morgan (EM) Forster (1879-1970): English Novelist and Librettist: A Passage to India, 1924.
    # Passion is a sort of fever in the mind, which leaves us weaker than when it first found us. Passion, more than anything, deprives us in the use of judgment. For, it raises a dust very hard to see through. It may, therefore, and I may not be unfit to term it the mob of the mind that commits a riot upon a man’s reason.
    — Robert Herrick (1591-1674): English Lyric Poet & Cleric: Hesperides, 1648.

    If we look back in hindsight to all the elections of the past, for instance Lok Sabha elections, isn’t it true that all the elections were won on some passion and emotion, except for UPA II when people elected Dr. Sahib purely on his UPA I’s fine deeds?

    In the grain of most of us Indians, there is always some emotion or passion that is exploited to the full by politicians. Take the recent Gujarat Assembly Elections for instance, as usual there were Three Idiots who played an ‘Idiot Card’ at the fag end of the campaign, thinking they could give finishing touches to an already win-win situation.

    The oldies, Mani Shanker Aiyer, Kapil Sibal, and Dr. Sahib thought they could retire gracefully by protracting a grand final gesture that would add as a parting gift to Rahul Gandhi.

    They forgot in their frenzy that our countrymen (espy the fringe elements, the fence-sitters, the lost and confused souls) were in a large numbers and were just waiting for this excuse to get back into their usual passionate and emotional form, and hence went against Rahul and his Three Musketeers.

    The fact is that, as on today, most of our fellow Indians are unable to digest the fact of even thinking of going against their passions and emotions, and using their brains for a change to cast a rational vote against the ruling disposition. They are not able or wanting to forget the past misdeeds of UPA II, of which these three men were major stake-holders. Except for Gehlot perhaps, these other people had no business to go to Gujarat or to utter a single word from their citadels that would trigger unhappy memories of UPA II.

    We Indians forgive and forget most of the mishaps, but the stigma of grudge against an old wound sticks to us unfortunately for a very long time. That is the tragedy of an Ignorant and Irrational Mind.

    As Shaina MC, in one the TV Programs said that the world is watching us with keenest interest and trying to learn from us the Art of Winning Elections (In politics to win by devious means or by means of propriety, is never the criteria. All that noise is for the voters to make, and not for the winners). Well done and congratulations to the BJP.

    PS: Except for this (irrational, silly, though unintentional) folly committed by Dr. Sahib, I have the greatest respect for him for bringing India back to the world’s center-stage by his great economic and face-saving reforms in 1990s. It is only a very poor, low and evil spirit that can overlook this fact. And, as Shakespeare put it succinctly in his Twelfth Night, 1601: “I hate ingratitude in a man more than lying, vainness, babbling, drunkenness or any other taint of vice.”

  • Ajit Sanghi December 21, 2017, 8:41 am

    Dear Ravish Kumar

    Christianity says: “Whatever you would have people do to you, do you also to them.”

    Buddhism says: “Hurt not others with that which pains you.”

    Confucianism says: “What you don’t want done to yourself, don’t do to others.”

    Hinduism says: “Do naught to others which if done to you would cause you pain.”…………………

    Dear Ravishji
    There is so much good in the worst of us, and so much bad in the best of us, that it ill behoves a man of National Stature of Rahul Gandhi to talk ill of any of us. It is well said that nations are like fruits wherein all the worms are on the inside. For, in every nation there is a composition of the Good the Bad and the Evil people.

    A good, wise and just man only sees the actions of people but not their motives. As far as their motives are concerned, he lets their Gods see them clearly, and punish them according. Rahul should learn to become a Good, Wise and Just man before dreaming of becoming the PM of our great country.

    Man is a habit forming creature, and once he gets into the habit of talking bad of others, he goes beyond it and ends up becoming an evil man himself. Those who constantly talk ill of others are like ghosts living with destructive venoms of serpents in their sleeve.

    By hypocrisy, we mean to pretend to be what one is not. So, Rahul should stop pretending to be a bad man when in reality he is a good man. For, that rakes of hypocrisy, too.

    By Satire we mean the use of ridicule or irony to such an effect as to cause lampoon, raillery, loud laughter or scorn. Also, Satire is a kind of glass wherein the beholders do discover everybody’s face, but their own. Satire is a double-edged sword, and can be both Benevolent and Malevolent. Rahul should never use malevolent satire, like our other leaders do, for it doesn’t suit his upbringing to usage of street-porter language. But, on the contrary, he should use light hearted puns and satires that convey a benevolent message playfully. AND WHO BEST TO TEACH HIM THAT THAN A MAN CALLED RAVISH KUMAR? CAN’T RAHUL TAKE THIS SIMPLE CUE?

    Those who use satire malevolently, are by nature very ugly, destructive, and evil souls. They end up cursing the Almighty Himself, and their satires only last until the people finally realize their insidious designs, and start taking them seriously, and fear from going close to them. They become loners and start using even more evil means till they are ultimately buried in the dust of Mother Earth. Rahul has a long way to go, God willing, and should start becoming gentle, concise, truthful, and as straight as an arrow in his rhetoric. INDIA DIRELY NEEDS A CHANGE FOR GOD’S SAKE!