News X Channel Office Contact Address, Phone Number, Email, Website

In this article we are sharing the contact details of News X TV Channel Noida office. It includes the office address, phone number, email Id, fax number etc. with reference of the official website of Newx X TVchannel.

News X channel is a part of INX Media Pvt. Ltd. It is an national english news telecast TV channel. It was launched on 27th March, 2008 with a view to provide quality news to the viewers in English language. Indrani Mukerjea is the channel head of News X.

News X News Channel Logo

News X News Channel Logo

NewsX News Channel available on:
Tata Sky- Channel No 519
Dish TV – Channel No 608
Airtel IPTV – Channel No 513
Airtel Digital – Channel No 310
Big TV – Channel No 460
DD Direct Plus – Channel No 51
News X is also available on : Siti , Hathway, In Cable, Digi Cable, Den, SCV.

Apart of news materials News X also telecast various individual topic programs. Few of the best programs are Art Talk, The World, Living Cars, TechTalk, Catch a Star, Flashback, Ind Inc etc.

News X Channel Office Contact Details

News X Channel Office Address : INX News Pvt. Ltd., B-4, Sector – 3, Noida – 201301, Uttar Pradesh

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News X Channel Office Contact Number : 0120-6601999

News X Channel Office Fax Number : 0120-6601989

News X Channel Official Website :

The official website is also the official news portal of News X Channel. Readers can find the latest news on the website.

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All the above information can be used for providing news, suggestions, feedback, reviews, complaints etc. related to News X TV Channel.

For complaints against the news and materials broadcast on News X TV channel. You can contact Mr. Aman Thukral (Companay Secretary) through his email ID –

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News X Channel Official Facebook Fan Page –

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News X Channel Official Pinterest Page  –

These are the link of News X social pages and accounts. You can watch telecast videos, images, photos, read interviews, updates etc. can be obtained from these links.

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News X Channel Live TV Streaming –
By using this link, you can view live TV channel News X. It is available 24X7 on internet.

Complaint Redressal –
For any kind of complaints against News X, you can visit this link.

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  • J. Srinivasan December 6, 2016, 3:43 pm

    Pathetic coverage of CM Jayalalitha “s demise. Your Chennai correspondent Priyamvatha is bad. Her interviewing of Jayanthi Natarajan was rude and unprofessional seeing that MrsNatarajan is more than her mother ‘s age. Simple grammatical errors like an personality instead of a personality. The silly intervention of Dhanya mouthing silly inanities when Mrs. Natarajan was waiting was very embarrassing. Please advise your correspondents. The good work of your anchors is nullified by these amateurish girls.

  • divesh shetty November 26, 2016, 5:31 pm

    Dear Mr. Modi ji

    why indian govt waste 31% of national income to gulf countries when we got our own Oil & Gas Reserves

    Inexhaustible Around Andaman Trench

    Foreign media on Indian gas discovery

    God knows what Indian Govt. doing to make India a wealthy nation like gulf… with our own oil & natural gas deposit, which is inexhaustible …. Nature has provided us a wealth but we fucking Indians don’t know how to reap it…. Do India is waiting for China to exploit it ?????? .

    Its a shame that our governments haven’t explored this untapped abundance of oil reserves, while we continue to struggle for energy independence. Hope the Modi government will look into this soon. +PMO India?

    Our government should look at it .Modi ji, plz look into the matter & start extraction

    Proud to be Indian!

  • Christina k. September 4, 2016, 9:48 am

    Dear editor.
    Thank you so much for the life coverage on mother Treasa. You were the only channel who was covering it perfectly. The others too were doing but I found you the best. Also you started the coverage from 10 am itself.Shows your attitude is into charity and spirituality rather than profits. Most of the channels were covering politics and other news. You were the only channel with the mother.
    God bless you and may you reap a hundred fold. Prayers with you always.
    Regards. Christina.

  • Swapna Sen August 25, 2016, 2:38 pm

    Must read:
    The Tendentious unprofessional acts seen from the local NEWSPAPERS & NEWS CHANNELS of Tripura brodcasting one sided biased news of the incident took place on 23rd Aug,2016 in the heart of Agartala.

    Giving a glimpse on the incident took place on 23rd Aug,2016 when a political party IPFT observing the Statehood day of Tripuraland demanding for separate state and marching on a peacefull rally from 12:00 pm noon.

    The clash between IPFT supporters and the local residents takes place causing damage to public properties and injuries present in that venue resulting a law and order situation imposing rule of Section 144 of the Criminal Procedure Code(CrPC).

    Taking advantage of such situation the local news channels journalist are busy broadcasting unprofessional one sided biased news resulting a chaotic and unpeaceful environment among the people of Tripura.

    The Local News Channels are broadcasting prejudiced and onesided biased news on Television alleging the IPFT supporters are the unruly and creating choas without any clear knowledge and proper information.Local news chanels reporting the incident broadcasting many inappropriate information alleging that the IPFT supporters were assaulting locals and carrying some deadly weapons such as iron rods,bombs,pistols,stone,knife etc while the rally was on the way which turns to be complete lie and fake.

    Sourcing the locals some of the public people witnessing the incident reported that it was many more than 50 political terrorist and anti-tribal mobs in different parts of the city with the anti-tribal mentality starts uttering ANTI-TRIBAL slangs, harrasing and trying to cross the peaceful rally which reflects the anti-tribal mentality among the non-tribal(immegrants) people etc and testing the patiance of the peacefull rally.

    Later it has been witnessed by the local people present on the arena that unruly terrorist hiding among the publics attacks to the end tail supporters of the peacefull rally throws deadly weapons like rock stones,iron rods,knifes,swords etc where many of the innocent people from the rally were injured and bloodsheded.

    Revolting the criminal acts of the non-tribal extremists the IPFT supporters defends themselves and escapes. Also the news channels reported that all the bikes,cars,shops,police vehicles etc were burned down by the IPFT supporter which was not totally true.

    Sourcing on some video footages,pictures,witness etc it is clear that all the damages of the public property were not done by the IPFT supporter but it was the local non-tribal extremists that lead most of the local property damages including the police vehicles reflecting their dark side of anti-tribal violence and hatred blaming and lets news channels take advantage of it and points fingers on IPFT supporters responsible for the incincident.

    More than 50 innocent IPFT supporters including elderly citizens,women were injured. And many innocent Tribals(who were not related to the incident) were beaten mercilessly and threatned and many young innocent tribal girls and women were harassed which had lead to complete communal riot between Indeginous Tribal people and immigrant non-tribal(bangladeshi) people.

    No matter who paid the cost the most from this black day incident. But everybody knows the underlying truth behind the incident.Also the truth had been concealed and hiding the violence activities of non-tribal political extremist leading to the onesided biased news from the local news channels. (Like D channel, Duranta TV, udaipur).

    Reporting the truth is an important goal for professional journalists whose reputation
    depends on it.

    What is the objection to false news provisions? Reporting in a truthful and balanced way is, of course, an important professional goal for journalists, especially those that work for public service broadcasters and are expected to serve the interests of society as a whole. But writing this goal into law presents several unacceptable dangers.

    Let’s come to the conclusion and ask yourself:

    1.Why the local news channels broadcasted onesided biased news without any proper news source?

    2.Why can’t the local news Channels can’t really shut out the doors if they don’t know the underlying reason of the incident?

    3.Why the local news channels tried to accuse only one particular group or community responsible for the incident?

    4.Why they local news channels didn’t broadcast the non-tribal violence activities such as beating local tribal people,threatening, burning of vehicles (including police vehicle)?

    5. Why the news channels failed to give evidence of what they have mentioned on their news such as carrying bombs,pistols,rods while the rally was going on peacefully?

    6.why the local news channels enjoys accusing one particular group of people or community responsible for the incident?

    7. If it was pre-planned Activities carries out by IPFT then why would they bring elderly supporters, women,child,boys and girls (most of them are students and graduates)?

    8.Why did the local news channels enjoys broadcasting disturbing information instead of being neutral and balancing the atmosphere?

    9. Why the local news channels tries to create tension among non-tribal and teribal people giving false information?

    10.Lastly,what the local channels wants from the public ,are the anti-tribal who concealed the damages took place to the tribals?

    Who ever is reading this post please use your sixth sense and think once and feel the truth behind the incident.Who was responsible?

    But thanks to social media, no matter how much the local news papers and channels tries to conceal the truth and report onesided biased news the social media cuts its slice and reports the real news and everybody knows it that what really happened on 23rd Aug,2016.

    Thank you.

  • Swapna Sen August 25, 2016, 2:37 pm

    IPFT wants probe by HC judge, situation normal..
    Agartala, 24 Aug, 2016 :: It was at 4 AM today that the last IPFT supporter was evacuated from Vivekananda Maidan today. This after tension diminished and official vehicles were used to take them to their destinations.Today from morning CRPF jawans were deployed to maintain law and order .

    Addressing a press meet here today N C Debbarma, IPFT president sought a probe into the incident . He said still more than 21 supporters are admitted in G B hospital. Six of our vehicles have been ransacked and two are untraceable.

    On the other hand Radhacharan Debbarma condemned the goondagardi resorted by the IPFT workers. In the state capital district administration facing the flak for the violence yesterday took some strict measures. BSF was told to conduct road march and Trinamool Congress was not allowed to carry out its peace march.

    On the other hand Amara Bangali blamed CPI(M) of hatching a conspiracy with IPFT for the trouble that took place.

    In the meantime reports from different parts of the state said that adding to tension CPI(M)is holding protest marches in subdivision towns and elsewhere.

  • Swapna Sen August 25, 2016, 2:36 pm

    IPFT rally attacked by CPIM, turns violent, several injured in capital.

    Agartala , 23Aug, 2016 :: Several persons were injured in the capital as the Tipraland demand rally of IPFT turned violent. cars were set on fire and for the first time IPFT workers who came to attend the rally were faced the attacks.

    On a day when IPFT leaders exuded confidence that they will be able to win the Simna – Tamakari by poll there was a systematic attempt to forment trouble. Everywhere there was instigation and this led to violent clashes between those who came to attend the rally and the locals facing the onslaught of the attacks.

    Even as N C Debbarma tried to play down the allegations that IPFT workers were preventing CPI(M) workers from casting their votes in Simna one saw clashes erupting across the capital.

    At first one IPFT worker came bleeding in front of the dais in Vivekananda Maidan . His name is Simon Debbarma. Soon after he was send to hospital by top leaders including Mebar Jamatia and others. But what followed was gross failure on the part of police administration to gauge the situation as IPFT workers went on the rampage. ADG Shyam Chaturvedi came to the rally venue to cool tension .By that time another injured Sambhu Sadhan Jamatia came and further instigated the situation.

    DGP himself came out to control the situation but things went out of control. With TSR unable to control the situation CPMF personnel were deployed.

    Prohibitory orders under section 144 was clamped .Even after deployment of 500 TSR jawans and the SP(West) Abhijit Saptarshi remaining constantly present in the capital to control the situation such unprecedented violence took place today.

  • sandeep sinhmar April 18, 2016, 4:32 pm

    kudos to rahul shiv shankar for 18 th april programme “kashmir integration debate”. each narrative was equally convincing pointing towards a mid path resolution of kashmir towards the” one India one Kashmir” goal.

  • KAISH MOHAMMAD SIDDIQUI October 9, 2015, 6:05 pm

    EDU. B.A. 2ND PRO.
    MOBILE…. 928 SIX 220330

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