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Flipkart Account – How to change email ID and phone number in profile

Have you changed all your contact information and want to reflect it in your Flipkart account.Or you want to update your phone number or email id in your Flipkart account for your privacy or security reasons. Don’t worry as here we are providing you with a step by step guide on “How to update your email id/phone number” in your existing Flipkart account.

Regularly updating your account’s contact details such as phone number and email id provides you with excess security measures and you can handle complete track records on your latest phone number/email id easily. To follow this guide, you must be able to login to your account first. In case you don’t remember it’s password, check out our other article on how to recover Flipkart account’s password.

Go to the official website of Flipkart i.e www.flipkart.com and click on the login button on the top right header on the start page.

On the popup, Enter your registered email id/phone number and account’s password and click on the login button. After successful login, click on the account button in the drop down menu from the top right header as shown in the picture.

In the left side menu, Under the Personal information tab, click on the update email/mobile button. On the next page, enter your new email and mobile number, whichever you want to change and click on save changes button.

  1. In these simple steps, you can update your Flipkart account’s email id/phone number easily. In case you are facing any kind of difficulty, we recommend you to contact the customer care team of Flipkart.com.

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