Arvind Kejriwal – Contact Address, Phone Number, Email ID Details

How to contact Arvind Kejriwal ? What is his phone number, office address or email ID ? These are the questions roaming here and there on internet world. There are so many people who asked me about the way to contact Mr. Arvind Kejriwal, the revolutionary name. The person is now known as the Youth Icon of India. He motivated so many people in India by wearing a simple cap written as “Main Hoon Aam Aadmi, Mujhe Chahiye Lokpal”.

Earlier he was accompanied by Mr. Anna Hazare, Mrs. Kiran Bedi and other people. But after the separation, he is running his movement with Kumar Vishwas, Manish Sisodiya, Gopal Rai and other team members.

If you ask me (the admin) as an Indian. Then I can admit that I am one of biggest fan of this personality. There are huge amount of people who are facing various kind of problems which are related to system, politics and governance. That’s why people want to contact him. Here in this article we are sharing the contact information of Arvind Kejriwal. By following the below mentioned details you can contact him through his office.

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Arvind Kejriwal Contact Details & Information

Arvind Kejriwal Pics

Arvind Kejriwal Pics

Arvind Kejriwal Office Address : Aam Aadmi Party, Ground Floor, A-119, Kaushambi, Ghaziabad – 201010, Uttar Pradesh

Arvind Kejriwal Helpline Telephone Number : 09718500606

Arvind Kejriwal Email Id :

Arvind Kejriwal Official Fan

Arvind Kejriwal Official Twitter

These are the details of Arvind Kejriwal’s office or I can say Aam Aadmi Party’s office. We can’t reveal the personal contact number of Mr. Arvind Kejriwal. But you can use all the above mentioned information to contact him.

Swaraj Book Rise Of Aam Aadmi Dare To Fight A Man With Mission

The way is simple, either you can call on the helpline number to take and appointment or you can also leave an mail to check they ways to meet him. If you think that meeting him is very difficult or getting an appointment is very hard. Then I must say you are wrong. The condition is he shouldn’t be busy and would be in office.

For more information and schedule you can also follow him on Facebook and Twitter through his accounts. You can get best information about his actions, plans and schedules from there only. As they are quite much popular in social media.

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Comments (174)

  1. Yogesh

    I like you Mr Kajriwal
    Keep it up
    All NRI are after you and will back u
    Good help u
    Yogesh Chadha

    • RC Sharma

      I heard that MR AK is traveling length and breadth of this noble country WITHOUT PAYING TOLL TAX anywhere


      Let us obey rules before preaching others

      • kumar

        They were saying that police asked not to stop at toll booth.. Thats the reason for not stopping..
        Does the AK feel bad to give 50rs for toll booth?…….

      • beenalal

        rc sharma, kejriwal not paying toll tax [which i dont believe in the first place]…well his not paying toll tax must be a terrible loss to the country,csompared to the crores and crores loss due to rich pelple not paying taxes and cheating govt in other ways. as they say, penny wise and pound foolish.
        i am not justifying the breaking of rules. but this teeny weeny offence of not paying toll tax may be excused considering his hectic schedule . and it was not done wilfully.
        it is comments like this that makes me think of “paid media”

        • naidu

          When NTR was attempted to stab, the accused forgiven by him. Whereas the Kejriwal allowed the accused to beat black and blue. Is this the way of non violence. We should follow Gandhi or NTR

      • narinder Kumar

        Abe ullu phenk mat apnea modi ki trh

      • ram kumar malik

        @rc sharma
        dear rc sharma why mr ak kejriwal need to pay he and all of us already pay road tax , then why toll tax
        pls expain

    • naidu

      I have been the follower of kejriwal. The day he has resigned from Delhi and contested against the party with Ethics (a Good administrator Modi) leaving the corrupt and started pleasing Muslims,I have switched my loyalty. He do not deserve. This is the last election for him. He is not really fighting against corruption. He is not interested in the welfare of common people.

    • Rohit Chaudhary

      I am fed-up getting promotional calls and sms from AAP aadmi party pls tell me the way how can I stop there….!!! Also on thing I would like to tell you AAP so called leaders that after winning also thanks sms and calls should have been made to us not only JUST FOR VOTES…. !!!

  2. Yogesh

    God help you

  3. v.k.manglik

    Iwant to contact Mr. Kejriwal.
    Thank you

    yours sincerely,


  4. Mr.Khairul

    dear sir,hope u’ll success in your dream, i m from assam and i want join your party,if i get an opportunity i’ll work my whole strenth to achive AAP goal

  5. jithindas.a

    Dear sir….i…love…to…join…in…AAP..we…remove…correption…in..our..nation..

  6. mirza subhan ullah baig

    mr arivind ji,
    i am ex serviceman indian air force defending mother land two times, i was given land from ex serviceman qota ,still it is not handed over to me ,my be waiting for vitimen m, sorry , because i am from minority that is why all problem. my case is in ranga reddy dist E1/64,
    M S BAIG
    MOB NO 9160647412

    • veer

      shame on you. even my dad is in army. you should not beg this is the basic rule taught in training. i am sorry for your problem but please improve your mentally “i am from minority that is why all problem” ..your case may be stuck due to corruption not because you are one has time to see weather a person belong to minority or not.

  7. Ashraf Khan

    Aam aadmi party ek sahi party baki sabhi paryion se
    I want join this party as member of party

  8. rahul gadri

    sir ji plz my helf
    me kushti khelta hu muje acha khilaadi bna hai ji lekin mera mumy papa grib hai vo mera liye etne pase karch ni kar pate hai ji es liye aap muje delhi ke chatrasal stadium me raka do ji plz plz sir ji

  9. Ruchika gupta

    One big scam had happened in Gorakhpur in two post offices , two person named Shiv Raj pathak and mahender pathak had withdran money from accound holders and some people evern do not have any account had given money to him and upto 6 crores had drawn .. plz sir help us…

  10. syed ahtesham quadri

    Arvind sir iam from hyd i saw your each and every interview hatsoff to you keep going on young youth with you

  11. vishesh sharma

    Kejriwal zindabaad kejriwal zindabaad kejriwal zindabaad
    Kindly contact me Once sir
    May God give u the super power to achieve our goal
    From pathankot punjab

  12. D.S.Rajsekhar

    Thanks for entering into the political jungle as an immigrant and confronting the indigenous.You will make a good PM and do India proud. Godspeed and fare you well!

  13. hai sir aap se mai baat karne hai eath k seat k subject mai my con-989769104 pls call me i wait 4 u call.



  15. Binayak Acharya


    LOKSABHA ASKA Odisha is going to poll on 10/04/2014 but on this date 10/03/2014 no Tickets are declared. Please declare remaining 13 seats of Odisha Loksabha.


    Binayak Acharya,

  16. K Yadav

    I Respect u

    Ek Lower Gov. Post ke liye Am Admi ko Apna Charitra Praman Patra lagana Pdta Hai to Sir Jo Admi Pure Desh Chalata Hai To Uska Charitra Kyo nhi Dekha Jata.
    Aam Admi ke nam se agar Ek bhi FIR thane me Darj ho to Use Naukari Nahi Mil Pati Hai Ye Rule Hai Gov. Ka Lekin Yahi Rule Leaders Logo Ke liye Kyu Nahi hai.

    Pls. Answer Me

  17. anil patel

    ap kese logo(adami) ko election ki tikit dete ho??

  18. Kapil Chaudhary

    Give me the answer of scam of aaj tak

  19. abdulla ansari

    i meet you,,sir ,,,
    i am belong Dehradun, uttarakhand,,
    mob… 09760203940

  20. SUSHIL



  21. Ashish

    Arvind Ji,

    We are with you. This counrty is misguided by corrupt leaders, Please keep on your aandolan. millions are with you. All the NRI are with you.

    I will pray with God to give you strength and power to kik out the corrupt leaders.

  22. Deepak Verma

    mujhe kuch batana hai my Mobile number 9582452289

  23. Bharat bora

    Hi kejari ji u r the best.

  24. pradeeo kumar agrawal

    dear kejriwal ji
    i am recently retired senior civil servant of the state of up . i fought all my life with the corruption and paid the price.
    i had spent 2days in delhi in order to meet you but failed and came back to Lucknow where i live even today in a rented apartment.
    i fully endorse and appreciate the struggle which you are going through. the main culprit is, i feel the modern top bureaucracy called ias which i refused to join.
    i dont want any position or power in the aam party but i want top give u all my support for freeing the nation of the corruption monster.
    Things can change only by the power and not by shedding it.U have rightly chose the right path at the right time but your company too needs to be strengthened otherwise the crooked politicians will never go.
    i am sending u some of my thoughts which i think are such whose time has come to be implemented in this election
    If u are voted to power u will replace the placard on the AADHAR CARD with this slogan or the lines
    lines as present AAM AADMI KA AADHAR will be deleted as Congress party has got it written.
    Any Indian who want to be the beneficiary of the govt scheme must swear by these line because any minister also has to swear this to uphold the unity and integrity of India as the costitutional norm and practice .

    • j saluja

      dear kejriwal sir

      u have raised a very gud topic of paid media
      and AAP shuld conduct a survey and publish the result like that—–

      Maharastra—-BJP 45 others 3, UP –BJP 75 others 5, Bihar –BJP 35 other 5,
      Delhi –BJP -6 other 1 , Karnataka –BJP —25 other 3…..and so on……………..

      as medi is slowly slowy increasing their seats then why not u make their work easy and give them all seats in yr prepoll surveys which they wanted….lolz sir my request plz publish such survey so that all this rat nd cat game of prepoll surves ends as when u will finaly give so much seats to them then finaly all chaneels will have no target to reach !!!

  25. Randhir singh

    Dear sir,
    Aage badte challe je sab bhokne vale hai , katne vale nahi

  26. richard

    On modi’s price rice fake points ,
    pl ask him d rstes of commodities in gujrat.they are no more cheaper in gujrat.for everything bad he can not blame center and slip caught free!he wrongly claims everything.where is then gujrat as a model state and he as a vikas purush?his popularity and votes are only due to large population see him as a protector as he has supported killing of muslims.This is the only true true true and true reason.

  27. richard

    You hv done a wonderful and absolutely right thing by challenging media for their corrupt role on over populating modi as vikas purush.we also need to question the clean chit on godhra kand when so called powerful vikas purush could not stop a minister of his own govt and that too a lady, maya has never asked him such simple and sharp question to modi as to why he did not stop her.infact there were many, rajdeep sardesai was covering and knows every thing.there is not a single appeal to people to stop rioting.infact it was designed and supported to save bjp from a lost grond after huge mis mgt by them in 2001 earthquake.he and his office did not even responded to ahesanjafri’s several telephone calls till he was burnt to death in front of his family.besides all these how can he get clean chit.why the train burners are not hanged till date even after 12 long years when kasab and afzal guru in shorter time get death sentence(where is the justice to those 57 persons burnt in train)?and why thousands innocents were allowed to be killed?for only personal popularity and still clean chit?such clin chit should be challenged with these questions.why media do not ask him such simple straight question?clean chit needs to be challenged pl.

  28. richard

    Modi fake on stri sashakikaran with big photo of his own
    There are 5 wemen who are struggling for justice for over 10 years in gujrat
    1.Zakia jhafri:wife of ahmedabad mp mr.ahesan jafri who was burnt alve in front of her
    2.Jagruti Pandya:the wife of gujrat home minister under modi himselfmr.haren pandya who was killed in 2003
    3.Mother of Bijal joshi:Bijal was gangraped by bjp associates sajal jain and friends in2003.Nirbhaya’s gang rapers got death sentence with in a year recently why not that of Bijal’s after 10 long years?
    4.Bilkish Bano:Go dhra kand gang rape victim whose kid was killed in front of her in Best Backery Halol
    What stri shashaktikaran and what sushashan this bugger modi is talking about?

  29. MY

    Dear Arvind K,
    Proceed with all goodness. Really I wish to with you without any selfish motive. God will ask to everyone how to use what he given all facilities.

  30. Sagar

    Hello arvind sir, i have an idea how to deal with this corruption and the people who are involved in it.i am sure it won’t embarrass you.i just want is a chance to share my ideas if you don’t mind.

    • admin

      Admin here, please share the Idea by using the above mentioned contact details. :)

      • jannat

        hello sir,
        i am always ask god to bless you i want to see u at the desired position wchich all we want..god bless you..i need to talk for a while plz….

  31. Anwar Sayed

    I believe aap is not a party it is a revolution of almost 90% honest people the so called leaders of all party including aap when ellected don’t oblige people of india by saying that we r doing desh bakthi no they r paid handsomely to do honest job which they dont

  32. Surwade Gajanan Ashok

    In Maharashtra there is lot of prob with category people. My brother take benefit GR &having diploma elect but on basis of 12th joined high school teacher.But they used 7 years from 2003 & sigh refused on muster so go to court but there also refuse by some impression.Now we have to go to highcourt.

  33. richard

    Dear Sir,

    All d best for Varasi against Modi(PAPI IN PUNYANAGARI)









  34. prabhu

    Sir u don’t stand against modi… u stand wre u win sir then only u have respected in nation and in ur party and we also happy if u win…. stand some other place were u win .. I noe it may not be too challenge in some other place but u don’t have any option .. u must win sir god and we r with u ….

  35. Y.S.RAO

    How about AAP International ?


    Rev. Sir

    please accept my heartiest wishes for HOLI.

  37. richard

    Dear Sir,

    Happy Holi to you and your family

    All the best for Varansi.Sir you will surely win agaist PAPI as you won in Delhi against Dixit Madam.God and AAM ADIMIs arw always there with you.If you will not contest from Vaeansi BJP will succeed in rheir game for UP&BIHAR.


  38. M K Chaturvedi

    Stop negative politics and no youth wants to see you as a politician . Four blind man see a elephant one touch his tail and concluded the elephant is thin . keep your eyes and mind honestly open and then decide what to speak or when keep mouth shut.



  40. harinarayan.chauhan

    I am aap member and I was LOK SABHA condidet in deoria. U.p i request to aap if all aap condidet happy the risult com will be better .yadi prades sanjojak ya bade neta sabhi aawedan karta ko viswas deela kar sampark ya mail /ph kar ke inka manobal badhaya jay to ye log chauguna shakti se kam karege pls faloit

  41. Vaswani mohan L

    Sir You are Genius Aap rally main doston ki Badle main mere Deshwasiyon kaho to bahut acha lagega aap badge raho him Sab

    aapke sath hai

  42. Sir;I am from aap party and I advise to you plz take help from bsp party chief Ms mayawati in loksabha election in best wishes to you I am retd.banker and mob no 9810089535.your sweraj book is very good for Indian people

    • Bharat C Patel

      Respected kejriwal sir,

      indian people love u so much keep it up…jo apko nahi samaj paye vo apko ab dhire dhire samaj rahe he..keep it up sir…..bus itna dhyan rakhna ki koi corrupt insan apki party ka naam kharab na kare…….or ap jo kuch bhi kar rahe ho bilkul sahi hai hum apke sath hai…………..har koi apna agan saf kare me apko vachan deta hu k me apna agan saf rakhuga…….

  43. deepmala kulshreshtha

    i m aware of the game which is playing by other parties to disappoint you. my best wishes are with you. i wants to join your movement.i request you to take some action that can prove your aim for country wellfare.most of the people at small towns are not much educated.they need right direction of thoughts.they need to change their please do something that can help them to open their eyes.if i can do anything for this then i will feel happy.i m from sadabad (hathras -distt), U.P.

  44. If BJP can not honor a small wish of its most senior leader Shri L.K.Advani , of being a lok sabha candidate from Bhopal, I wonder, how would it honor the list of promises given to Swami Ramdev.


    arvind ji people of hindustan is exactly passing through jungle raj and every single person of india is fed up. they dont see any hope of betterment. if you you have started this revolution dont look back now . the kind of mission you are carrying for the indian people this is 100% correct for the welfare of an average human of india. i am not able to meet or talk to you directly to talk more in depth. but whatever i am able to do i am doing it and my suggestion is keep going. this i am writing for the info of mass level of humans of india “just mentioning that average human of this country has already given more than 65 years to rulers of this country and what they get A CORRUPT SYSTEM, TAKING PUBLIC MONEY OUT OF ECONOMIC CYCLES OF INDIA AND STARVATION ON AN AVERAGE HUMAN LEVEL OF INDIA” . so no more chance to the current rulers for making it further worst. stop it. start new era, atleast the coming generations will heave a sigh of lelief and have some sense of pride being called as indian at international level. the mission you are carrying is just for the average humans of this country for getting rid them of all the evils existing in this country and doing justice to them. in the last i am also saying that all the peoples finding faults in you saying you did not run delhi admin. for long time and did not fulfill promises. the reply to this is” That what can you do in couple of months where others could not anything in decades”. so my point here is that this nation does not need any politics but just a fair govt system which could make average humans feel pride of being an indian .there is lot of in mind to discuss. the only thing an average human of this country wants that the ruling people should feel their pain what they are passing through and give them a cure which never happened over last so many decades. it feels that after east india co. another INDIAN EAST INDIA CO. TOOK OVER . SO WE HAVE TO GET RID OF THIS TOO.

  46. Deepak Saxena

    Respected Arvindji,

    I am non resident Indian (NRI) from france.
    I am really happy with your fight against corruption in India.

    But same time I am very much shocked about dirtiness and garbage problem of India . No poitical leader speak about this problem.I think people like you can awake Indians to love their country and participate jointly to clean this great country.
    One thing I want to suggest that you should also put in your programmes:

    1.Clean India programme and make more hygienic country.

    2.Education from basic schools to children to keep their country clean.

    3.Awake civic sense among all Indian people to participate to clean and make hygienic like many other countries in the world.

    When I talk with the people after visiting India, they always ask me one question” Why Indian people throw garbage every where”. In the reply I have no answer.

    Best Regards

    Deepak Saxena
    69004 LYON

  47. v y dhond

    go ahead. i appereciate your moto. do not worry about results


    Dear Sir,
    I am with you in this holy misson Iwish you all the best you are more intllegnt But dont mind sir If you will win in first attempt it will be extraordinary god will with you
    Dont loose heart if sucess rate will some lesser than our expecttion

  49. dear sir
    i want to tell you that i want to make a vote in your favour but still i dont receive my voter id card can you help me in this matter pls solve my problem

  50. Dharamvir Saini

    Dear Sir,
    I like you very much. Hum chahte h aap Haryana me ho. Agar kuchchh sachchayi bachi h to vo h kejriwal. Sir, hm 40-45 Frnds h sab daily sham ko bethle h ek khali ground h use jati aali bolte h sab politics ke bare me baat karte h usme sab ki demand h kejriwal. Aap aap niv rakho satambh hum bnayenge hum aapke sath h.
    With Best Wishes,
    Dharamvir Saini
    Discuss: 09812397426
    Bahadur Garh (Jhajjar) Haryana

  51. parwinder singh

    We want an Aap candidate from Fatehgarh sahib Punjab

  52. Dear sir,
    I like u, and i likeyour freedom party, AAM AADAMI PARTY,
    dear sir m aapaka bahut bada fan hu m aapko 4 saal se follow kar raha hu, ki jo bhi aap coments karate h use aap pura jarur karte h.sir maine bhi ek comments apane villege ke sabhi logo ko kiya hua h wo h unaka hak mujhe koi aisa zariya najar nahi araha h ki use m kaise poora kru.Ha yadi aapaka jara si bhi un gaav waalo pr daya dristi pad jaye to sayad un gaav waalo ki dua sadaiv aapke saath rahegi…..
    sir,mai usi gaav ki baat kr raha hu jaha aap MP pad ke liye stand ho gaye h mai usi villege se hu or mai delhi me rahta hu.aaj mere sath 10 se 12 villege mere sath h.BUT mai unake samane open nahi ho sakta. kyoki yah kaam mere akela nahi kar sakta.
    dear sir,mai aapase kai baar contect karne ki kosis kiya bt karne ki himmat nahi ho pai,or mai chahta hu ki aap hamare state VARANASI me hi rahe waha ke janta ko ek imaanadar party ki bahut jarurat h or mai or mere paas ek aisa mudda h jo sirf aapako hi batana chahta hu,or fir aapako MP, banane se koi nahi rok sakta.or waha ki janata bhi aapka sath degi…thanks
    plz sir do`nt forget this metter.

  53. Ravi Shekhar

    Hi,i m 4rm Nepal…arvind sir and team is working gud…aam aadmi party is a revolution 4 d country…there r lotz of supporters and good wishers of aap party here in Nepal…n yes lotz of indians who r working here wil return back in elections nd definately most of them r going to vote 4 aap party…well wishes,work hard,work smart…i hav an important message to give which may b useful 4 aap party in making people of india aware nd hence help in election campaign…i wil contact soon…with regards…urs ravi

  54. amit

    i want to ask to my ministry of road transport and highways that on GT road there are three lanes.1 for heavy vehicles.1 for cars and jeeps and 1 for overtaking.but in realty they are not following the rules and regulations provided by you..
    so i want to know that how many peoples are following the rules.
    if they are not following the rules , why they are not following
    what our ministry of highway and transport is doing
    and how you are going to correct these mistakes.
    lots of accidents takes place due to these heavy vehicles as they do not drive in there lane.and spreads on all of the G.T. road scattered..
    please take action
    this will help peoples a lot.

  55. Ravi Singh

    Mr. Kejriwal, I wish you & your party wins the coming election from every place. You have inspired many including me. I wish you become stronger & stronger so as to face any situation outside. All the best!

  56. Ram Singh Tomar

    Dear Sir,
    Finally you have chosen Varanasi for Lok Sabha election 2014. You must be aware their is lots of problems in IIT BHU going on now a days. Please visit IIT campus and intervene in the matter by holding meeting with the Director IIT BHU in presence of the students. An IITan only can understand their pain better than other politicians.

  57. Ramsingh Tomar

    Please help IIT BHU student since protest is on against the Management. As IITan think it ,Not as politician.


    Respected Sir,

    sir aapne u.p ke sitapur disstt me lokshaba condidate kaisa sulect kiya h
    na to unko koi janta hai na hi unko koi pahchanta h bahut badi problem h.
    aapse vinarm nivadan h ki aach condidate ko cunye phir hum log us ko
    mil kar bhari “voto” se vijay banayge .
    thank u
    MY CONTACT NO. 9450323748

  59. Mirza Zafar

    Bharat me aise bahut log hai jinko aap ki jarurat hai aur aap ko unki isliye aap apne Acount No. Public me de taki jise jo hosaka vo apne desh ke liye de sake…..
    Mirza zafar azam baig
    H. No. 543 Canttonment Aurangabad 431001.

  60. Krishan Kr Bansal

    Arvind ji, You are fighting for a good cause of society and people are there to desist you, but you have to be courageous and take the fight to its ultimate end and that will be the end of the evils and devils from my and your country.All the good people in the history of mankind have suffered from the taunting and adverse action of its own people but that does not mean to divert our path of truth. People did not spare Ram, Krishan, Harischandra, Budh, Socrate, then why they will spare us. Go ahead win the battle…… All my good wishes from the bottom of heart.

  61. Neha Popat

    Dear Mr. Arvind Kejriwal,

    I was a big Fan of yours and also Mr. Narendra Modi.
    you know i am from Gujarat, i enjoy to live in Gujarat because we can live here without any fear. i can travel alone whole night, i can work in industries. you were previously like REAL AAM AADMI PERSON. but now you are behaving like politician, you are every moment trying to publish that what other person are not doing. please think that what you have done till date ” DHARANA”. you know ministers are like king they are not on their post to do what people want. they are on they post to do what is best for society.

    please sir, be as you were before, do not be politician, india me uski kmi nhi he aur zyada ki zrurat nhi he.
    aur ha clearly speaking agar log aapki bat nhi manege to kya aap desh ko chhod doge, you have quieted your post for CM of Delhi. why because that not happen what you want. but you know. we will appreciate if you had done somthing for delhi. but you are most failure CM in India. who is doing childish behavior.

    aapko satta to milne se rhi kamse kam ijjat to mat gvaeye.

  62. Abhinandann Das

    Arvind ji ap to bjp ko bahut gali deta ha acha lagta ha. ap rastrya stor ka neta ha.
    Arvind I live in Balaurghat (west bengal) bengal ma ap ko kon charaha ha ap bengal ko koi dhain nahi daraha ha.

    arvind ji bengal ma bahut corruption ha 1) Reson ma bahut corruption MR Shop 2) TET k exam 3) Sardha company k corruption 4) Tifola k corruption

    or Bahut corruption ha ap akbar bengal aka dekhia bengal ma corruption kitna ha

    Please bengal bachiya please please……….

  63. ROHIT

    me or meri wife hyd sey hai muje apkoo vote karnaa hai but muje too yeh bhii nahii pataa ki apkii party hyderabad me kaunsaa canididate hai,pls aap jhuknaa mat mere sabhii friends muje apkee name per hastee hai too aap prove karooo sir ki aap present politics jaise hamkoo nahiii rulaongee,muje lagtaa hai ek aam admiiii corrupton sey jyadaa uskee daily ke used karnee waliii chijee bahut imp hai
    Gas price
    petrol price
    Private school education
    rent lene ka ek decided amt by owner yeh bhii fix honaa chaiyee

  64. debabrata das

    i like u mr.A.K.AND I WANT TO JOIN WITH U

  65. Arvind Hasrat

    Mr.ArvindKejriwal ji !
    “AAP” meyn BJP k log ghus chuke hain, jinka uddeshya tumeh gumrah karna aur farji AAP karyakarta banker sang than meyn vivad paida karna . Pooling agent banvakar voter ko BJP meyn vote dalney ka sanket dena aadi bjp ki nikrasht/dhokha neeti hai .Jisko sa pramar nikat dekha hai kai chunav meyn.
    – Arvind HASRAT ,Managing Editor
    Alert Star ,

  66. chandan raj kushinagar

    hi… kejariwal ji.. app se ham bahut parbhavit.. hai..ek… kushinagar.. me bulanna chhahate.. hai.. aur…. kushinagar.. ke dharti ke bhagwan buddha ko.. darsan apni… ranit,.. aagge baddye.. aur app se ham.. bahut… pravit hai…////////////// jai hind////////////////

  67. sudhirawana

    Hello sir, my name SudhirAwana. Aapse bhut important baat karni thi lok sabha election ke liye,

  68. Raj

    7)Pl give time to give speech to Maval loksabha matdar sangh to support Maruti Bhapkar,as coming you will increase voting Thousand to 25 Lakhs to Aap party,as other leaders here are corrupt & inefficient,our vote should not be lost as Rastrawadi Congress ,Shiv Sena & Laxmn Jagtap are prominant leaders should loose,state in your manefasto if they vote you :in 2 month 1)you will pass citizen Charter, in 6 moth 2)you will braught black money by persue to swiss & other bank by CBI/Interpole & diplomatic weights.3)all criminal record politicians to be jailed in 9m time
    4)80% of our tax is going to Govt employees salaries,how non efficient employees be thrown away & balance will be efficiently utilised ?You should declare that no MPS will take any remuneration for next 5 years for giving 7th pay commision declared by Congress ,how public money is looting by Congress for getting elected 6) VIP CULTURE BE abolished,as Indian Economy is in very bad shape 7)Ganga river to be braught to Kanykumari to make India prosporous,(Garibi Hatao) 8) We want to join you in Social activities & not in Politics 9) Some canditates of BJP ARE ETHICAL hence avoid targetting BJP :jai hind Rajeev one of your fan

  69. navtej singh gill

    We pray to GOD for kejriwal success .i want to be a member of your party our full support with you (.pm ban jaoge lekin kuch kar ke dikhana)all our wishes with you

  70. Shakil nadaf

    i love kejariwal sir

  71. shah moin

    respected sir,
    we know that your path is so difficult and you can get pain from corrupted leaders but don’t give up your intention and aim you just climb up without fear and Indian people are with you.
    we are against corruption
    thanks you too much

  72. AK. you are great, came back, we always with you

  73. ak sir,
    do hard work & get success.
    i proud of you sir, plz came back,
    or dikha do
    en sabhi party walo ko(choro ko)

  74. abhishek sudan

    Dear sir
    we know you want to keep india corruption free but these news channels are always showing your bad nature but you don’t thing it will effect our mind… you just carry on to remove corruption from india we are supporting you by our true heart
    and sir plzz
    aap candidate ko layo jammu ke seat sa
    all the youth are with you sir
    jai hind
    my contact no 9797306069

  75. Sir arvend ji
    Mera Nam raghav hai mujha aap se bat karni hai jaruri or Mai aap ki Parti ka hisha banna cahta hu to pls aap mujha phon Kare ya aap ke number do pls or sir mera pass kuch tarkib hai jissa aap PM ban sakte ho

  76. Raghav sharma

    Sir hi
    Help me 9529645275

  77. Subhash Agrawal

    Priy Arvind,
    Tum(AAP Nahi) DEsh ki Asha ho in choron ke beech tumhi se ummeed hai. kaam kathin hai mai is kabil nahin hun . lekin meri atma dimag tumhare saath hai . Ek aur Baat Bachhon ki Kasam Mat Khaya Karo acha nahi lagta. log tum pe wiswas karte hain kasam khane ki jarurat nahin hai.
    Tumhare saath,

  78. tarunvir singh

    tum jiyo hazzaroon saal ye dua hai wish u u r right choice sir ji, of PM

  79. krishnamurthy

    I am krishnamurthy from chennai.This country is not going to change till this BJP & CON is in this country . I will support you what ever happens to me . today I am shaken after you have been slapped . I feel very shameful of our cheap& third category politician . saying that you have made stunt by yourself . these third rate politician are utilising innocent people against you.I pray god to give you lot of strength to tackle from these goondas like bjp&con. We in tamilnadu

  80. Raju Vaswani Baroda

    Arvind Kejriwalji main aap ki aur aap ki team pe bahut vishwas rakhta hoon main apki team chota hisa hoon merit apse ek request hai ke app rally me ‘Doston’ ki badle ‘Mere
    ‘ boliye aap agey bado hum apke sath hai Bharat Mata ki jai

  81. Manoj raj soni

    sir mai manoj raj soni mujhe jaan kar khusi ho rah hai ki aap jaise neta hamre des ko bachane ke liye aage aaye hai nahi to aaj tak jo bhi neta bana sirf chunaw ke time pe hi najar aate hai aap se requsit hai ki aap jo lock sabha ke sansad banaye wo lockal hi rahe mera vote sirf yek sachee aur emandar neta ko padega

  82. arvind kumar

    Respected Sir,

    I will congratulate you on the road map set by you for aam aadmi but campaign was going in very right direction till you have become CM of delhi. We were very happy that it was remarkable that new honest face become the highest constitution authority. Sir , i have different view here that once you have become CM of delhi it is your obligation to discharge duties according to aspiration of people of delhi,now public felt insulted and cheated. their votes become null and void. I wish you must have continued to be CM of Delhi and implement your manifesto in delhi and serve the janta of delhi. Because India has many states with diverse and different political and geographical needs. So, in my opinion you should have corrective steps political and beaucratic changes for the goodness of people of delhi.
    I am with due respect suggets you that please encash your capabilities ,strenthen your party workers at various district level in phase manner for eg north ,east south and west areas of india. or could be state wise suited as per your political decision.

    Now , i will discuss some politics od chandigarh as i belongs to this area i am haapy you have announce Mrs. Savita bhati as AAM PARTY CANDIDATE FOR MP this time but i am very much disappointed with Present Candidate Ms. Gurkirat gul Panag although she is celebrity and accept few assumption no celebrity has done great in
    world of politics. i am very young to present my views ,

    thanks and regards
    Arvind Kumar

  83. Amar Deep

    sir , I didn’t get my vote id card due to unserious work by selected worker

  84. Amar Deep

    sir ,
    keep it up. we always with u. u r only one man which has ability to change our country in well manner .Due to u many people aware to get their right . awesome sir , I salute u .
    Thank you

    your sincerely
    Amar Deep

  85. Sudhir

    Leehro ko machalte dekha hai,
    bundh ko samundra bante dekha hai
    tapte registhan me deewar ko chaav ko bante dekha hai…

    ek choote se diye kejrival ko aandhiyo se ladte dekha hai..
    humne lehro ko machalte dekha hai !!!!!!

    Sudhir Jain?….

  86. R S chaudhary

    Dear Kejriwal ji

    Its Dr R. S. Chaudhary a senior research scientist from Bhopal. Hats off to your courage against all formats of corruption, family dividing politics of UPA, and mute position of BJP on these issues, I have gone through the agenda of one of your candidate Archna Dhingra, candidate for LS from Bhopal. I saw that in her menifesto as well as national menifesto of AAP (Probably) there is promise of “protecting women from dangers at house and outside”. The line every party is putting in menifesto to catch votes of indian famales. Its alright, but have you ever thought of the plight of the poor males who are facing lot of threats at house and outside on many accounts? Already UPA has made weapons in the name of DV act, 498A DPAP, and given in the hands of misusers.Honrable supreme court has also termed it as ” legal ” terrorism”.
    Can you include the protection of men and male childs too in such manifesto so that there is no anomaly towards a particular sex wether male or famale. Crime is crime and it should be addressed irrespective of cast, creed, sex or ststus. I gives me immense pain to see such biased approach of almost all the political parties that simply for the sake of vote catching hijacks the human rights of a male. I was great admiror of you until I see the sex biased agenda in your menifesto. Would you please improve it by including the word :Person/citizen” instead of “Women so that you look more balanced and concrete compared to other traditional political parties of India. Hope You will give a review to this issue. All the best.
    R.S. Chaudhary

    • Lavaish

      I agree with Mr R.S. Chaudhary comment, this matter is seriously taking a toll on Indian males & Indian family, look into the misuse of 498 A & DV Cases to extort the money from Husband.

  87. j g swett

    It has been honoured serving the AAP for quitting corruption in our country and for clean politics in india .JAI HIND

  88. baldeep

    Arvind sar ajj app punjab ke dasuya me aye hum app se millna chahte the hum ve parivartan chah te vote for you sar sllaam hai app ke soch ko jiyo hajaro sall plz cal me 9888328302

  89. Mahesh G. Koli

    ??? ?? ????? ?????? ???? ?? ?? ?????? ????
    ???? ???? ??? ???? ? ???? ?? ?? ????? ?????
    ?? ????? ???? ?? ?? ???? ??? ???? ????? ?????
    ??? ?? ?????? ?? ?????? ?? !!

    ??? ???? ????? – ????? ???? ??? ???? ??? ??? ??

    ????. ???? ?. ????
    ??? ?????? ??????????
    Hindi mein type kiya tha so sab kharab hua !!

    Hal hi mene India Tv show ka ek
    episode dekha bahut bura laga
    hamein, Aap kitne achhe ho ya kitne
    bure ho yeh humein pata nahi lekin
    aap mein jo kuch kar dikhane ka jo
    jajba hai usee mere lakhho – lakhho
    sallut mein apke saath hun.

    Shri. Mahesh G. Koli,
    Navi Mumbai, Maharashtra.

  90. Taran

    Arvind Kejriwal sign of true!we want
    we all in your favour and support aap.I belong to karnal(Haryana) living Germany(Hamburg) for ten years,yesterday my wife come back from india,she miss India,she was many times India she is deutsch.but we are indians we love india and miss our country family every time.I want to contact you and join aap my email :->
    0049-176 29088600

  91. Manish

    Hello sir, I want to know what are your views regarding ‘Caste based Reservation’ in India.
    I strongly support that Reservation in all the fields must be based on Financial basis only.
    I think Caste based system is truely unfair in many aspects.
    Can u tell me what u n ur party can do about dis issue n what r ur personal views on it?
    I know u r very busy in ur hectic schedule even den m waiting 4 ur reply.

  92. Dear Kejriwal sir
    I Naveen Rajooriya your party member, we all village people in your favour and support app.

  93. kaushal

    i like your personal and i get your meeting in delhi pls.sir your tome pls gave me my thank you sir
    kind coperation .

    thank sir


  94. Lavaish

    Great Job Done, in 1 year time Arvind has taken the Party to 13th Position among all the party.
    Good achievement, the figures could have been better if he would have worked to secure the seats like fighting from Hissar rather than Varanasi but he dared to challenge & fought from one seat only, keep it up.
    I have few suggestion
    Do not use Photo on any Public Hoardings let it be Party name & Symbol Photo is the sign of dictatorship.
    Change the language from Negative to Positive inspire people like it was at the time andolan.
    Ham Honge Kamyab ek din

  95. sir please contact me
    iwant to help you

  96. Aman Meshram

    Plz don’t loose your confident sir we are with u & believe me you r the prime minister in next loksabha election……………..

  97. sunny

    We are with you Mr kejriwal war is begin now,path of truth is not easy ,angraj karna said mai kayar nahi hoon kayar to wo hota jo yudh chor kar bhag jaata hai haarne wala bhi jitne wala jitna hi veer hota hai.

    sunny rajpura 9316677770

  98. dr arun

    test of politics…
    sir ,,,,your downfall was due to high expectation in delhi.++++media enmity
    ,,,,,modi downfall will also be due to high expectation BUT media with him may show his work 1+1=11.

    now your job media
    2.keep exposing modi..exactly what dr,harshwardhan did with u in jan.

  99. nehal nagdeve

    dear Sir
    please make your presence fell,we dont know where you gone these days,please make your intention clear to “AAM ADAMI”.we are eagerly waiting for your response,future plan what you gona do please please made it clear to many people are waiting for it There is no responce from your end after loksabha election

  100. Arvind kejriwal ji ap mere dost hai
    Aap dridta se apne kaam me lage rahie
    Aap ka jel jana aam admi ke hit me hai. jab jaj ne kaha ki hame pata hai aap bhagenge nahi to rakam lekar kya sabit hoga ki aap admi ya sanvidhan ek dusre ke prati majbur hai?
    Aaropi ke jamin me kisi aur ki jamanat is baat ka saboot hai ki logon ke nazar me ye admi bharose ke layak hai magar kanoon paisa lekar kya sabit karna chahta hai?
    Aam admi izzatdar ho sakta magar paise wala ho ye zaruri nahi
    Badi sabhaen aayojit aur kagji karwai karke janta ko gumrah karna ye riwaz bahut purana hai,
    har kadam par jokhim uthan ye har kisi ka kaam nahi.
    Ap niswarth hokar dhairya se kaam karte rahie hamesha such ke samne zamane ko jhukata hi padta hai
    Samarthan lene me ya Cm ki seat chhodne me kuchh jaldbazi se kaam zrur liya gaya magar aap peeche mudkar na dekhen
    Jin alakon me aap ki seaten aaee hai wahan ke vikas par bhi dhyan dena bahut zruri hai
    Is bar sangh aur bjp ki afwahon ne janta ko gumrah kar diya magar log kabi na kabhi aagami sarkar se mayus hokar rahat zarur talashenge
    Is lie ap nispax aur niswarth hokar kam karte rahie jald hi sachhe aur achhe logon ki bhari tadad aap ke saath hogi
    Aap ka subh chintak.

  101. ashendra trivedi

    I want to contact Mr.a kejariwal

  102. G.S.Gandharva

    can i talk to u
    retd. Manager S.b.i.
    Shivpuri M.P.

  103. Mai aap ki party join karna chahta hu mers mob num h 9473572753


    CM Delhi
    I am Ashok kumar Sant Kabeer Nagar UP se Aap se milna chahta hu plz time bta de aap ka apna Ashok Kumar AAM ADAMI PARTY JINDA BAD


    CM Delhi
    I am Ashok kumar Sant Kabeer Nagar UP se Aap se milna chahta hu plz time bta de aap ka apna Ashok Kumar AAM ADAMI PARTY JINDABAD

  106. I was shocked when I listened internal disputes among top leaders of my party. We are approaching towards democratic revolution.Mr AK should not bother about Binni like people and those who can not tolerate defeats in politics. This is the time to strengthen party organization and wait for the right time to combat upon BJP. Electricity crisis in Delhi is one such issue.Bjp people are extremely hungry of corruption. We should watch upon them instead of paying attention upon dissatisfied partymen. If they are bound to party principles they will go nowhere otherwise they are also hungry of posts. In later situation they are useless

  107. I am in Delhi .I have been told by party helpline no.09718500606 that Mr Arvind Kejriwal ji will be available to meet at Delhi residence near Patiala House. May I hope to see him tomorrow at 08 AM
    Dr Shiv Kumar Sharma
    Shivani Hospital Baheri Bareilly U.P

  108. Gopal Arora

    hi Kejariwal Ji
    I want to contact Mr.a kejariwal

  109. I want to spent my whole life for your party and indian help . Pls note my contact no 8800556891

  110. shri praneet ji

    usne kuch nahi joda, log kehate hai rehne ke liye ek makan bhi nahi banaya – zindagi bhar apna sub deta raha aur de -dekar sabko zodta raha = who hai kejriwal ji,

    he did not save anything,people say he did not built a house to live in,he kept giving everthing throughout his life and by giving he gathered everyone around him.

    he is arvind kejriwal.

  111. Manendra Pal

    My Dear Kijriwal, good morring ,
    how r u
    my name is manendra ,
    Arvind kejriwal ji ap mere dost hai
    Aap dridta se apne kaam me lage rahie
    Aap ka jel jana aam admi ke hit me hai. jab jaj ne kaha ki hame pata hai aap bhagenge nahi to rakam lekar kya sabit hoga ki aap admi ya sanvidhan ek dusre ke prati majbur hai?
    Aaropi ke jamin me kisi aur ki jamanat is baat ka saboot hai ki logon ke nazar me ye admi bharose ke layak hai magar kanoon paisa lekar kya sabit karna chahta hai?
    Aam admi izzatdar ho sakta magar paise wala ho ye zaruri nahi
    Badi sabhaen aayojit aur kagji karwai karke janta ko gumrah karna ye riwaz bahut purana hai,
    har kadam par jokhim uthan ye har kisi ka kaam nahi.
    Ap niswarth hokar dhairya se kaam karte rahie hamesha such ke samne zamane ko jhukata hi padta hai
    Samarthan lene me ya Cm ki seat chhodne me kuchh jaldbazi se kaam zrur liya gaya magar aap peeche mudkar na dekhen
    Jin alakon me aap ki seaten aaee hai wahan ke vikas par bhi dhyan dena bahut zruri hai
    Is bar sangh aur bjp ki afwahon ne janta ko gumrah kar diya magar log kabi na kabhi aagami sarkar se mayus hokar rahat zarur talashenge
    Is lie ap nispax aur niswarth hokar kam karte rahie jald hi sachhe aur achhe logon ki bhari tadad aap ke saath hogi
    Aap ka subh chintak.

  112. sandip limachiya

    Hi Sir,
    I respect you & your work, I like kejriwal, I joined aam aadmi party.

  113. Respected Sir you have won 4 seats in Lok Sabha so your party should put pressure on Narendra Modi Government to reduce 50% in Petrol,Diesel,Gas and Kerosene prices by joining hands with Samajwadi Party and RJD by adjourning the house untill the prices will not be reduced because even you had reduced 50% Power rates and Water rates when you had been Chief Minister of Delhi so this protest should be inside Parliament. L Lokpal bill protest was outside Parliament.

  114. satish Thakur

    Dear party

    I want mla seat in hoshiarpur punjab dasua

    AAP ki taref se ladena chata hun

    Satish Thakur


    Contact. .09324972012

  115. I dir sir I am nit in jasani I want to make network for aam admiparty

  116. Dir sir I want to work n aam aadmi party full time n I do any thing for a am aadmiparty I want to came plZ… Join me I hope u reply my mail

  117. Ajay Sahni

    Hello Sir / Madam, I wanna meet with Sh. Arvind Kejriwal for road issue in my area i.e., Mehrauli, New Delhi – 110030. Because Mehrauli peoples are very upset about same issue & water supply condition is also very bad in that particular area & other social issue in the mehrauli area. I here by confirm that u will get benefit from our area / u will get too votes because there are so many peoples who support you if you can visit. Please look forward to Sh. Arvind Kejriwal to further meet. Looking for favorable reply on the same. Thanks & best regards, Ajay Sahni Social Worker Mob: +91-9899-29-6957



  119. Ssentongo Abduljawad

    if you love Africans join us

  120. Bhagmal singh

    sir please my help me mera naam Bhagmal singh so of let m.r babu lal house no 10775 -76 manak pura gali phool bali near filmistan cinema karol bagh new delhi hai aur mere mata pita nahi hai aur main ek handicapd ladka hu mere paas pet palne ka koi sadan nahi hai main mcd me handicapd bhoth ke lya apley aaj se 10 sal pehale kya tha jab se hi mene pmo letter bhi likha delhi ki s.m se milne gay delhi urajpal ji ne mere lya m.c.d ko letter lykha Back Side Sadar Thana, Pahar Ganj, Delhi – 110055 View Map
    +(91)-11-23512700 jab ki mene aap local (,M.L.A ) bhi lykha bdia pmo ka bhi letter lag badi mujeh par sabhi lettero ki origenal copy hai jab aap bole to me aap se milne asakta hu aur hai sir main aapni behan ke pas rahata hu

    please please please please help me sir
    Contact 9910775988

  121. Bhagmal singh

    hello sir please my help me mera naam Bhagmal singh so of let m.r babu lal house no 10775 -76 manak pura gali phool bali near filmistan cinema karol bagh new delhi hai aur mere mata pita nahi hai aur main ek handicapd ladka hu mere paas pet palne ka koi sadan nahi hai main mcd me handicapd bhoth ke lya apley aaj se 10 sal pehale kya tha jab se hi mene pmo letter bhi likha delhi ki s.m se milne gay delhi urajpal ji ne mere lya m.c.d ko letter lykha Back Side Sadar Thana, Pahar Ganj, Delhi – 110055 View Map
    +(91)-11-23512700 jab ki mene aap local (,M.L.A ) bhi lykha bdia pmo ka bhi letter lag badi mujeh par sabhi lettero ki origenal copy hai jab aap bole to me aap se milne asakta hu aur hai sir main aapni behan ke pas rahata hu

    please please please please help me sir
    Contact 9910775988

  122. shri chand

    Aap I want to join



  124. Vijay Mavai

    Desh ki seva karna chahta hu

  125. sufi md ali ashrafi

    Jay hind sr

  126. vishal chauhan

    Dear sir….i want to meet u as soon as possible…with a issue…u r only man which can help the youth….plz sir tell me…my mobile no. Is….7836923977…plz sir tel me..its very urgent…..i shall be thankfull to u if u give me your faviour….

  127. sourav bisht

    mai najfagarh kai ek chote sai kashetr sai bol rha hu sir mai ya 20 year sai rhe rha hu aur sir ya ki road, nale pure trha damage hai sir mai nai aap ke party kai mla sai bol tha ki vo ye road ko repair kre par vo kah rha tha ke aap pehle aage sai permision lai kr aao sir aap he bto ke humene une mla iselye bna ya hai ke vo ye bhi kam na kr sake….
    mera mobile no.9716402463

  128. hitesh kumar

    sir mai aap se milna chahta hu

  129. hitesh kumar

    dhis my no. 9717133678

  130. ashutosh tripathi

    i know that your all politice i know very well to hoe progres your party i challange to all party with win one crore amount

  131. shankar gautam

    call me


    sir, I am Arun kumar surya at the jayoan the party for the 29/12/2013

  133. rajesh kumar

    I like to u. My favourite leader.

  134. Ashutosh

    Dear Sir,

    When I saw you fighting the Delhi state election & won, I had a glittering hope in my eyes & heart full of confidence & energy that, soon my nation would be eliminated from all its ills. It would be crusade against all the agony with which all the citizens were suffering.

    Delhi ppl gave you the throne of Delhi to prove yourself of the values obligations & hope your carried on your shoulders but all that went in to vain.

    All of those dreams have shattered when ppl saw that you are also one of the vultures of politics. You just gave away on the dreams of ppl in want of your dream. The pain you caused to the ppl is unbearable. We ppl who supported you wholeheartedly, defended you against all the people who were pro BJP or Congress feel ashamed today that we supported you. The morale has gone to such a low level that ppl are ashamed to say that they voted for you. I myself can’t make eyecontact with my friends with whom I used to argue about you.

    You have taught me a lesson that I would never ever believe in politics / politicians for ever in my life now ( probably the same feelings would have come to the supporters of JP movement after which it took another generation to come together for a clean India).

    Its not that I am going to vote for BJP / Congress. I still believe Congress is the worst party of the nation & BJP is just conglomeration of some bigots. But in current scenario, if I have to choose among all the evils, probably I would go for BJP only & not you because once you have betrayed me then there is no guarantee that you would not do it next time on the pretext that “you did what you did, because the people in your sabhas wanted to”.

    To conclude, I do not have any animosity against you but, still beleive, you betrayed me. The sin you have committed can only be washed if you really do something which establishes you in the eye of ppl & mind it … for doing something like that you do not need the throne of Delhi. let me remind, you did not had the throne, when ppl started following you.

    All the best!!!

    Thanks & Best Regards

  135. Bhawani nagar.

    Do or die ! 9582824448 …

  136. Bhawani nagar.

    Do or die ! 9582824448 … Thz s my view I wnts help 4m your ! App ka abhari rahunga!

  137. Surender yadav

    Dear sir/madam,
      I am business corespondence of state bank of india. We have approx 70,000 BC in all india. Our conditation is very poor in this business. We can not other work because our time 8 am to 8 pm. All day we handle customer as bank employee handle in bank. Our income is 2500 to 3000 per month. Our expenses is ( office rent,phone bill,internet bill,electric bill,stationary expenses,etc) 2000 to 2500 per month. So our net profit income of month is 500 to 700 Rs .
    1. Income is very low.
    2.Bank employee does not support us.
    3. Bank have tie up with company so some comission of some percentage  our income take company. Our condation is alrrady poor.
    4. Comission does not come on time delay 1 to 2 year.
    So we want to help from Finicial department. We are write to latter finicial department 8 august 2014 .but no answer . We are request you
    Please look this matter.
    and please solve our problem.
    Surender yadav
    Vpo kohla, ward no 4, dis and teh hanumangarh.
    Phone 9462691141

  138. manish kumar jha

    Iwant to contact Mr. Kejriwal.
    Thank you

    yours sincerely,

    manish kumar jha

  139. Bhanupur Macchiwara Khanna Samrla Punjab Harinder Singh. Jatinder Singh AAP Worker killed by Akallidal

  140. I am join with you.sir roj hajaro kesh ho rahe h jinhe koi ni sunta aap ek baar aur delhi me alection karao jisse logo ko apna hak mil sake kab tak ham log bina hathiyar ke ladenge log kaam karte h lekin unhe unki sallery ni dete kab tak chalega ye sab bharat me police ke pass jao to ghush mangti h sir abhi kuch din pehle maine ek case dekha ek ladka jisne apni fir karwai fir ke baad police fir karane wale ki wife se akele me lejakar 5000 maang raha tha aur kwh raha tha mrng me le ana chod denge ye h bharat aur bharat ka future kyo logo ke dilo se aam aadmi party ko khatam kar dena chahte ho logo se milo tabhi aap aur hum kuch kar sakenge warna desh ke log jaise ankh band karke vote daal rahe the aise hi desh ki ek din aankh band ho jayengi my contact no. 8743941725

  141. abhiman bharti

    hum aapke party join karna chahte hai

  142. I am fed-up getting promotional calls and sms from AAP aadmi party pls tell me the way how can I stop there….!!! Also on thing I would like to tell you AAP so called leaders that after winning also thanks sms and calls should have been made to us not only JUST FOR VOTES…. !!!

  143. sanjeev kumar

    Main ap se judna chahta hu desh ki seva kerna chahta hu mujhe b apne sath jodiye

  144. Akjilesh Kumar Suman

    I licke you aam admi parti

  145. pankaj aggarwal

    We are with you. This counrty is misguided by corrupt leaders, Please keep on your aandolan. millions are with you. All the NRI are with you.

    I will pray with God to give you strength and power to kik out the corrupt leaders.

    – See more at:

  146. Rakesh Kumar

    My Dear Hero Mr. Arvind Kejriwal ji

    Ham Har Kadam pe aap ke sath hai of akhri saans tak rahenge,
    Please Hame bhoolna mat.

    Thanks & Regards


  147. Sachil Kumar Yadav

    Respected Sir
    I want meet you


    Sir aap corruption k khilaf lad rahe ho aur mera bhai (SUNEEL KUMAR SAHU)bhi corruption k khilaf lad raha hai jo INDIAN NAVY me hai, but us par bahut jurm ho rahe hain. Please ap uski help karen. He is in trouble. Maine isse related mail 5,6 November 2014 ko kar diya tha. Please help as soon as possible

  149. ANURAG

    Kejariwaal Ji,

    aap shayad bhul rahe hain ki Baadam khaane se itani akal nahi aati hai, jitani akal dhokha khaane se aati hai….aur Delhi ki janata ke saath aapne dhokha hi kiya hai. ye aap achhi tarah se jaanate hain. fir kis bina par Delhi ki janata se aap vote maangane nikalenge? aur kyon Delhi ki janata aapko vote de? jabki ek baar aapki kartut Delhi ki janata dekh chuki hai….

    ab to aapke liye achha hai ki Anna Ji ki sharan men dubaara se chale jaayen aur unake aandolan men sahayog karen.



  150. plz provid me arvind kejriwal persanal no.

  151. Sher Singh Rajput

    M aap se judna chahta Hu

  152. sanjay kumar

    Dear Sir,
    i want to say that please make the strongest point of resignation as a CM of Delhi.
    second point is that dont tell who did what but focus on what we can do as Aam Aadmi or AAP.
    third keep this agenda in top of your menifesto that We as AAP will improve the education system. in govt. school and for poor people which is needed at the most.
    i want to meet Arvind, please fix my meeting that when and where i can meet

    sanjay 9891614821

  153. yogesh

    i want to say that please make stronger political system in Bhandara many corrupt politician is present…just like virus for example praful patel. on one can interested to make posh area in bhandara…please come to bhandara and see the condition of bhandara..

  154. Bhupesh Sharma

    Mr. Arvind Kejriwal is our best leader
    Back ground for loosing his CM’ship is ” He was not clever at that time”
    My suggestion is
    “you are the best amongst the all, Do not speak clearly oppose
    and create some best starting
    I want to join you

  155. raj sagar

    Sir me aap se mulakat karna chahta hu air aap se jurna chahta hu raj sagar

  156. Raj Sagar

    Dear sir

    Me aap se milna chahta hu aur aap se millkar me khush ho jauga aur aap se khuchh apne man ki bat vee karuga Jo me es Lain me like nhi sakta so plz my cont. 9728969979

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